Weekend Roadside Cafe

The road to publication can be exhausting sometimes. Here’s a Roadside Cafe serving all things writing/publishing to relieve you: information sodas, entertainment burgers, amusement chips… we’ve got it. It’s alright to take a break; check out the menu!

Info Burgers 🍔

Alex’s Book Recommendations!

  • Adult Fantasy: The priory of the orange tree— It has everything: romance, action-packed scenes and of course a female protagonist that is saving her realm.
  • Middle Grade: The Mediator series by Meg Cabot— This book is a comfort book I read it at least once every year. It is an old book but who doesn’t love a main character who can talk to ghosts?
  • Paranormal Romance – Wolfsong by TJ Klune. This has become my favorite book of the year. I cannot express how good this book is! It has everything romance, angst, found family and of course werewolves

Team Drinks 🍻

Our 2022 Reading Challenges

  • Lucia: 24 books (copying Amber’s number!)
  • Alex: 50 books!!
  • Sarah: 30 books
  • Amber: 24 books (with fat word counts!)
  • Mariana: 24 books (open to extension!)
  • Reem: 50 books!

Quote Of The Week

You Are A Writer If You Write. And if that’s what you love, you’re a writer.

Sarah J Maas

Got any awesome writerly links or quotes to share with us? From your blog or another? Leave in the comments and we’ll add it to next weekend’s!

How many books are you planning to read this year?

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8 thoughts on “Weekend Roadside Cafe

  1. Ooh, this is nice. Interesting, very helpful content—especially with the links to keep us updated and entertained! Beautiful quote: and by one of my favorite authors! My Goodreads challenge is 80 books!

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  2. Oh great links and recommendations—love that particularly! And it’s great to see how many books you ladies hope to read by the year’s end. I definitely fall into the 24 books category haha!

    Checked out the twitter thread about what it feels like not to get an agent after PitchWars and it’s rough. The entire query trenches is rough, haha. But things like these make us know we aren’t alone. Loving Path2pub! Keep up the good work!

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  3. Yesss, the path to publication can really be exhausting. The intro is so cute and creative! Enjoyed this and looking forward to checking out all the links too. Especially the marvel fun facts 🤩

    I plan to read 110 books this year! There’s so many interesting books and sequels coming out this 2022 and I want them all.

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