Valentines Day Special: Romance Tropes

Happy Valentines Day from the Path2pub ladies to you, dear readers! We hope you’re enjoying some wine and chocolate—or at least chilling with a steamy romance novel.

In honor of this day of luvv, we’ve decided to share our favorite and least favorite romance tropes. 💕

💕Favorite Trope: Friends-to-lovers

I know, I know—it sounds vanilla. But come on! When one of the childhood best friends brushes hands with the other while reaching for the same object and they have the sudden “oh crap, I think I’m in love with you” moment. Swoon. Not only is friendship one of the more believable bases to set up instalove, it can also lead to the most rewarding slow burns. It’s a dreamy win in my book.

🖤Least Favorite Trope: Love triangles

Or worse—egads—the dreaded love square! Of course, I don’t mind this trope when it’s done well. Make me love BOTH parties vying for the heart of the main character? I’m invested. A majority of the time though, it’s pretty obvious who the MC will wind up with, while the other person serves mostly as a red herring (and often, is the better choice. I said what I said…)

—Sarah, all things YA!

💕Favorite Trope: Rags To Riches / Secret Dating

Rags To Riches: Is that a romance trope? 😂 Weird, BUT I just love when one person is wealthy and one person is poor, and they start to bridge this gaps when falling in love. Especially seeing how the poor party slowly explores the wealthy lifestyle the rich party shows them—And… I just realized all my books have this trope in some form or the other. I’m also obsessed with the Secret Dating trope where the couple hides their relationship from friends/family/the world for some reason or the other. Gimme, gimme, gimme!

🖤Least Favorite Trope: Cheating MC

Gawd. I hate this one. I will never forgive a cheating MC. EVER. If they cheat once, they’ll cheat again after The End. Periodt.

Lucia, The Regency and Fantasy Writer!

💕Favorite Trope: Friends to Lovers & Enemies to Lovers

If I had to chose between one or the other it would be friends to lovers. I love, love the pining and the angst, especially if one character is already in love with the other one. Enemies to lovers comes close to it because of the tension and the moment when they confess their feelings! I absolutely love it, especially if the book has 2 POVs.

🖤Least Favorite Trope: Unexpected Pregnancy

The only way I can read a book with pregnancy is if it’s in the epilogue, otherwise DNF. I said what I said. (Sorry, not sorry!)

-Alexandra, YA & NA Romance Writer!

💕Favourite Trope: Enemies/Rivals to Lovers & THERE IS ONLY ONE BED

I love a good enemies/rivals to lovers dynamic! From bickering and fighting to mutual admiration and love, this is one my favourite relationship development arcs in any form of storytelling. Even better when it’s coupled with ONE BED and one room and the unwilling couple are stuck together for one painful night (but you know they love it really).

🖤Least Favorite Trope: Love Triangle

I typically don’t enjoy love triangles because only two people end up happy and I always feel incredibly sad for the third (especially in situations where I have second lead syndrome). Unless it’s Iron Widow where everyone in the triangle loves each other and live happily ever after – kind of 🙂

-Amber, YA/NA SFF!

💕Favorite Trope: Enemies to Lovers

I love the the type of story in which the characters start by hating or disliking each other and as the plot evolves they start realizing they are in love with each other. I enjoy following the transformation of the characters and when they finally jump from hate to love is an amazing and satisfying feeling. I always root for them and get anxious and excited with them as the story unfolds.

🖤Least Favorite Trope: Soul Mates

Although the idea of a soul mate is very romantic, and sometimes I enjoy this stories, the truth is I prefer giving the characters the freedom to make their own choices and provide them with different possibilities, instead of having fate involved in the plot and their romantic outcomes. Of course, this is just me!

Mariana – The PB Writer!

What are YOUR favorite and least favorite romance tropes?? Let us know in the comments!

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13 thoughts on “Valentines Day Special: Romance Tropes

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day 🥳🥰 Favorite Trope, ahhh they are so many! I’ve recently gotten a bit tired of the enemy to lovers angst recently so I’m loving friends to lovers or basically none-rivals to lovers. I also love the There’s only one bed!!!

    Least favorite trope I hate cheating MCs or cruel MCs!

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  2. Oh darn, I actually love Love Triangles 🙈🙈 I also love all your favorite tropes, and yesss—Secret Dating has to be one of my favorites! Happy Valentine’s Day ladies!💞

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    1. I’ve not read many books with love triangles, save maybe the hunger games? In historical romances we always have only one hero and one heroine, hehe, so I think I’d probably not be the biggest fan of one too!


  3. Happy Valentine, and ahhh, Harlequin pitching? I hadn’t known. I’ll be going to brush up my pitch and crossing my fingers. Hopefully some Valentine luck helps me get in! I enjoyed this group post!🌹

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  4. Favorite Trope: Second change romance, Grumpy BF and sunshine girl 🥰🥰🥰

    Least favorite: Love triangles that aren’t perfectly done!

    I loved reading all your answers😁😁 Happy v-day!


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