A Reader’s Guide To Path2pub (Path2pub Special)

Hello Everyone!

Path To Publication is just over a month old and yet the reception we’ve received since our launch has been mind-blowingly awesome! From writers, agents, and even editors in the field, it has made it all so exciting. We’ve certainly grown with well over 2k views in only a few weeks and so we’d love to walk all our new readers/visitors through our features.

To that end, here is A Reader’s Guide To Path2pub.

Header Features

About: Wondering what the goal of Path2pub is? It’s all on the About page!

Contributor’s Bio: Become familiar with our awesome contributors: our faces, inspiration for writing, our genres, and where we’re each at on our publication journeys.

Ask Us Pub Questions: A page dedicated to questions you’d like us to collectively answer. It can be fun or solemn, as long as it has to do with books/writing/publishing, we’re all eyes. Once we answer it, we’ll leave a link to the post on the question!

Contact: If you would like to contact us directly, our email is right there.

Post Features

Save our Contributors’ posts that go live on Mondays and Wednesday, we have a little extra somethings for our readers.

Group Posts: Ask Us Pub Question, Query Critiques, Holiday Specials, and other posts where we collectively share information.

Interviews: We interview industry experts such as agents, authors, and editors on topics we feel will be beneficial to readers. Simply click the Interview Tag and you’ll have access to all of it.

Guest Posts: From time to time, we’ll invite guests to share information with us.

Weekend Roadside Cafe: This is a feature dedicated to updating writers via links to all things fun and informative in the publishing industry.

Giveaways: From critiques to gift cards, we love to show our readers gratitude!

Footer Features

Resources For Writers: Specifically chosen sites with great information for writers.

Contributors’ Twitter: Stop by and say hello, or visit our Path2pub Twitter to check out what’s bubbling in the writing community!

Path2pub Specials: Our very special features on the site.

Tags And Categories

We’ve got tags for everything. Names. Interviews. Specials. Posts. Everything. Want to check all of a particular contributor’s posts? Click their name on the tags! Want to see all our interviews or Weekend Roadside Cafes? Also click on the tag.


A goal of Path2pub is to create a community for writers working to see their books on the shelf. Leaving comments on posts allows us to interact with each other and to build that sense of community!


At the very bottom of each page is a box for subscribing to Path2pub. We do our best to provide readers with the very best content about the publication journey, hence subscribing (and telling your friends to subscribe!) is an option we highly recommend. This way you get all our posts via email, easy-peasy.

Thank you for joining us. 🙂

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  1. Over the year, since Path2pub started I’ve gained more information than I had since entering the querying trenches. I actually didn’t realize there’s so much I was yet to learn and subscribing to path2pub is like being pampered with an influx of knowledge. I save every email and check out Roadside Cafe tweet links over the week! And I love the fun features as well as the combination of different posts, teaching important information. Great guide and I look forward to more Path2pub! 🙂

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