Mood Board Contest & First Pages Critiques

Hello Everyone!

So February’s All About Querying was (and is still!) awesome. Thanks to everyone who helped make it so! And now, we bring you March’s theme and special goodies.

March Madness: Mood Board Contest!

First of all, we’ll be hosting Path2pub’s FIRST CONTEST for March Madness! This will include Mood Boards, frantic voting, and a whooping cash $ prize!

The Rules

  • Create a mood board, the very very best you can, for your book and share it with us on Twitter (or you can email it to us here.) Add your name/username and a super brief pitch of your book for context. One/two sentences serve!
  • Subscribe to/follow Path2pub for eligibility!
  • We’ll share all your mood boards on the 4th of March post. For the first round, we’ll do an in-house voting, and vote for the mood boards that make it on to the next round.
  • Mood boards for the next and final round will be posted on the 8th. And this is where readers (and your friends) will do the voting. It’ll be done via comments which will be open until the 24th. Just leave a comment on the post of the Mood Board you love and want to win. Super easy!
  • On the 24th of March, we’ll count through the comments to see which mood board has the most mentions/votes.
  • The mood board with the most votes, wins $50!

The window is open from now until the 3rd of March! (Be super careful not to use copyrighted photos). Start sending those mood boards in!

First Pages Critique!

Our second March special is the First Pages Critique. Do you need help enhancing the first 5 pages of your manuscript? We’re here to share our insights this March!

  • Send us your first 5 Pages in a word document here.
  • Subscribe to Path2pub below!
  • We’ll choose TWO to critique, and you’ll get a confirmation email when we do.
  • If yours isn’t chosen, fret not. There will be more critiques to come in the future.

This critique window is also open until the 3rd of March and we’ll do our best to send you the feedbacks soon after!

There we have it. We are excited for March on Path To Publication. We hope you (and your friends) join us!

– The Path2pub Team

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