March Madness: Moodboard Voting Begins Now

Hello, everyone and welcome to MARCH MADNESS on Path2pub!

We appreciate everyone who sent us their Moodboards. We loved them. After an In-House Vote where each of us elected five of our favorite moodboards… here are the 5 Moodboard Finalists in the running.

What To Do:

  • Simply leave a comment with the number of the Moodboard you love and want to win Path2pub’s March Madness.
  • Choose only one Moodboard.
  • Encourage your friends to vote, the window stays open from now until the 24th!
  • Refer to the original display post if you’d like to see more about the Moodboards and their blurbs.

So hop into the comments section and start voting!

Moodboard 1
Moodboard 2
Moodboard 3
Moodboard 4
Moodboard 5

Also, because we appreciate every Moodboard sent to us, here’s a general announcement: MoodPitch will be launching on the 7th of April. All the details for the Twitter Pitch Event (including Moodboards—how rare!) is here, so check it out and prepare your Moodboards for agents and editors perusal!

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23 thoughts on “March Madness: Moodboard Voting Begins Now

  1. Congratulations to the Moodboards in the finals 🙂 The Moodboard that transports me into the story the most is Moodboard 1. Looking at it, I feel like I’m eating pastries in Paris 🗼

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  2. No pun intended, (or isn’t it?) but I hope Moodboard 1 takes the cake. The other boards are very fine too and I wish I could select more than one, but alas I’m a rule follower. Good luck to the contestants!

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  3. All the boards look amazing! Congratulations to all the participants and best of luck everyone! That said, my vote goes to board #1 ❤️ I loved the photos, the phrase, the colors and the Parisian vibes. Oh-la-la!

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