Agent Query Critique For April!

In a typical Path2pub fashion, we have bookish goodies set for the month of April on Path To Publication. We love writers and our readers. We want everyone to get agents and book deals! We want to share your testimonies on Path2pub!

To that end, for the month of April, Nina Leon of the High Spot Literary Agency will be giving a Query Letter Critique here on Path2pub!

Note: The submission window will be open between the 21st of March and the 1st of April.

To be eligible for the Critique simply:

  • Subscribe/follow Path2pub for solid content!
  • Retweet the post about the April Critique and tag friends to spread the word!
  • Email in your query letter in a word document here!

Nina will also be doing an awesome, insider interview with her client on the 1st of April answering some important questions. What is it like to have an agent? How do agents decide when to offer to represent a book? How is the editorial process between an agent and a client like? We’ll be picking Nina’s brain in this remarkable interview.

The winner of the April Query Critique will be announced along with the post, so stay tuned!

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