Mother’s Day Special: Favorite Fictional Mother Figures

Happy (belated) Mother’s Day from the Path2pub ladies to every mother (and everyone who mothers) out there! You’re amazing and appreciated.

In honor of this special day, we’ll be sharing our favorite mother figures in fiction, both in exterior works and in ours! How cool that we wrote this post right on the Oscars 2022 eve 🙂

Annie Dwyer from NO ESCAPE

So this post was whipped up super fast so I was going to write Ariel from Little Mermaid because she was a wonderful mother to Melody. But then No Escape slammed into my mind! Annie was just an awesome and badass mom! Imagine going to a city where everyone wants to kill you, your husband, and your two daughters—how do you get out? Annie, who has no martial skill, kept them safe with sheer mother instinct. Each time she covered them from bullets with her back, or placed herself before them to keep the villains at bay my heart squeezed. She was amazing!


My heroine, Ava, isn’t a mom but she’s the mother figure to her little sister. Long after I finish working on the MS, I still smile over how wonderful a mother figure Ava is.

– Lucia: The Regency And Fantasy Writer!

-Fantine from Les Misérables

I will be completely honest: I have not read this book. But I have watched the musical and the movie. Fantine was the first mother that came to my mind for all the sacrifices she makes for Cossette. Even though her ending is tragic, the unconditional love for her daughter was carried through the movie and the show despite being performed only in the first act.

– Alexandra, YA & NA Romance Writer!

-[Secret character] from The Girl Who Fell Beneath The Sea

Since the book has only been recently released, I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but there’s a superb familial twist in the story that will melt your heart! Let’s just say there are parental figures in the book that show so much love to their future generations that it will one hundred percent make you cry. If you haven’t read Axie Oh’s gorgeous new release – make sure you get your hands on it soon!

-Maik Wen from the Green Bone Saga

Another character from a book (or three books actually) that I’ve recently read. Wen is one of my favourite characters from the series because she plays such a pivotal role in the Kaul family despite being a “stone-eye” – someone who is unreactive to the effects of jade and is thus typically deemed useless in a jade-dominant society. I love how she courageously finds her place within the family and how fiercely she protects her children from all the dangers that surround them ❤

Amber, YA/NA SFF!

—Rosie from Jojo Rabbit

Rosie Betzler will forever go down as one of my all-time favorite moms in any form of media… ever. From her ‘look a tiger in the eye’ speech to a discouraged Elsa, to her vulnerable meltdown at the dinner table with Jojo, every moment she had on-screen stuck with me long after my first viewing. Her scenes are made all the more impactful by the character’s unexpected twist ending (no spoilers, but have tissues on hand!)

—Sarah, all things YA!

– Marmee March from Little Women

Growing up, Little Women was definitely one of my all time favorite books, so when the movie with Winona Ryder and Susan Sarandon came out in 1994 I was very excited. In fact, that’s one of my favorites movies even today.

I believe Marmee March is a good example of nice mom character. I loved how caring and loving she was with her daughters and how brave she was raising them on her own through the difficult war. Marmee always taught her girls to be generous with others less fortunate, even when they had financial struggles themselves. She also cared a lot about the education of their daughters. I particularly liked how Marmee supported Jo, who wasn’t the typical teenager and wanted more from life than getting married and having children of her own (which was the usual in those times). Marmee was there for Jo and let her follow her dreams of being a writer, even if that meant moving away from home on her own. Go, Marmee!

Mariana, PB Writer!

Clearly, we adore motherly love over here! Who are YOUR favorite fictional mother figures?

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10 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Special: Favorite Fictional Mother Figures

  1. I need to check No Escape out, Lucia, it sounds awesome! My favorite fictional mom will be Tip’s mum for the Home animation! First of all I love the entire darn animation and was just rewatching it for the 100th time lol. I loved when her mother was describing her and said she has ‘beautiful brown hair and skin’. Happy mother’s day to mothers!

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  2. Mostly because I can’t really think of a fictional mum, I’ll go with Elsa’s mother from Frozen 2. That ‘Show Yourself’ duet really had me sobbing, and the fact that she died for her daughter more or less, is definitely epic🌺

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  3. Oh I love Fantine and Marmee too! I also adored Jennifer Aniston in the Mother’s Day movie! With her monster sons and her ex-husband’s new girlfriend, I just loved seeing her weather that. Love the whole movie and definitely recommend for anyone who hasn’t watched it

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  4. This is a wholesome post 🥰 Thank you for this Path2pub.

    That’s true, Ariel eventually became a mother, I usually forget. Part Of Me is playing in my mind right now. I think one fictional mother that deserves mention is Hannah’s mother from Pretty Little Liars, I can’t remember her name but she was a good mother to her bratty teen! In my book, Kate is the mother I’ll be shouting out. She’s wonderful!

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