Weekend Roadside Cafe

The road to publication can be exhausting sometimes. Here’s a roadside cafe serving all things writing/publishing to relieve you: information sodas, entertainment burgers, amusement chips… we’ve got it. It’salright to take a break; check out the menu!

Info Burgers 🍔

Our Thoughts On MoodPitch

Tweet Chips 🍟

Links to tweets from the writing community we hope you enjoy. Inserted in are highlights of the discourse between Will Smith and Chris Rock at the Oscars.

Informative Tweets

Relatable Tweets

Got any awesome writerly links or quotes to share with us? From your blog or another’s? Leave in the comments and we’ll add it next time!

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12 thoughts on “Weekend Roadside Cafe

  1. Roadside Cafe is packed today! I’ve been giggling since with Relatable tweets. Thanks for sharing these!


  2. The world will never forget the whole Will Smith/ Chris Rock drama🙃 I don’t want Wills career to end over it though, I do want him to be punished. And I definitely want more heat directed to Chris Rock too because that was a hideous joke he made


  3. I really enjoyed this thread and thought to share!


  4. I like this segment of Path2pub! I’m kind of a new follower and so far I’ve been enjoying every feature and getting to know the group🥰

    Info Burgers is great. It’s important for writers to be careful where they are sending their manuscripts! There’s no mention of yesterday’s twitter mood pitch event and I thought I should mention it. It was fun!


  5. Great links. I’m so happy the Book fairs are coming back toooo! It’s one of the reason I want to be an author and it’s so not going to be fun if all book events went online! Like Brigid, I sobbed with excitement when I found out fairs were starting this year!
    I also appreciate the thoughts on Mood Pitch, it’s good for authors to also remember the joy in writing itself and socializing with other authors, even when publication is still out of reach 🙂


  6. Sometimes I wonder how I miss many of these Twitter hot topics. Am I using the back of twitter? 😆 I don’t even know where to start discussing from cause I’ve been devouring all these tasty Cafe stuff 😋 Great job!
    It’s been a while since we got an Ask us Pub Question post 👀 is the feature still on? It’s one of my favorites!


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