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Special Mention: Barnes And Noble is having a sales (running a 25% off all preorder sales) and the book world is going insane about it. Go pre-order your favorites!

Team Soda 🥤

Welcome to Team Drinks: today we’re sharing how many books our voracious minds have read so far this year! Cheers.

  • Lucia: 49 
  • Mariana: 28
  • Alex: 20 
  • Reem: 15
  • Amber: 7

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How many books have you read so far this year?

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6 thoughts on “Weekend Roadside Cafe

  1. Okay, While I didn’t mind the longer roadside Cafes, I do see the appeal of a shorter one. I’ve read 15 books this week: and yes I agree that 49 is an outrageous number! Puts the rest of us to shame lol.

    I enjoyed the very first link in info Burgers. The writer is very correct that querying has changed quite a bit right now. Thanks for sharing that here!

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  2. Books don’t have to be perfect to be acquired is kind of laughable because the reason books are rejected ultimately is because of the perceived flaws in them. The impression sure is that the book has to be as perfect as possible before it’s acceptable. It’s definitely much easier for the editor to say this – she is an editor lol

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  3. I’ve read around 30 so far, and was so proud of myself until I saw Lucia’s number! I’m happy I caught this Weekend Cafe, even though I traveled because the conversations about extended pay were some I saw often on Twitter and was really bothered by. There are so many unfair steps publishers take with both writers and agents, and I wonder if they wish for writing machines that simply churn out books without expecting anything in return???

    Amazing Cafe! 🍹

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    1. Amanda Piercy, you said it perfectly! Of course we Authors love to write and share our writing. But we also want to get paid well for it, dam it, haha 😆


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