AUPQ: When did we decide to pursue writing?

Hello everyone! Today’s Ask Us Pub Questions is from Hannah V: How and when did you realize writing was something you wanted to pursue?


Writing has always been part of my life, I’ve always loved it. In my years in elementary and middle school I used to write diaries. Then, in college, I wrote a lot of letters to my boyfriend (now husband). After having my babies, I even kept a diary for their first years of life, so as you can see, writing has always been special to me and it has helped me collect memories too.

I began being serious about writing for children in 2018. I had moved to United States and had just closed my online business, which used to keep me really busy. I suddenly had time on my hands, specially when my kids were at school, so I started taking classes in Storyteller Academy and began creating my stories and working with a critique group. My experiences with my children (who were in first grade and pre-K back then) and what they were going through in their lives have always been a constant source of inspiration for me. Reading picture books with them also influenced my passion. It became important for me to write stories about the values and themes I wanted my kids to read. For example, Santiago’s Dinosaurios is a book that was inspired by my son’s struggles as an immigrant boy who didn’t speak English when he started Kindergarten in a new country. Diversity, inclusion and friendship are topics that are dear to my heart, so creating this story allowed me to share them with others. I began querying in 2020 when I had more than one picture book “ready” for submission. I sold my debut book in March 2021 and got my agent in July 2021.

– Mariana, PB Writer!


I’ve always been an avid reader of both fiction and non-fiction, but to be honest I didn’t think of writing my own stories until I was in university. While binging TV dramas (I watch a lot of these) in between lectures and tutorials, I realised that 1) there were so many unsatisfying plot points and endings out there and 2) unfortunately there was a finite supply of content for me to indulge in, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and start writing!

In university I dabbled in writing for theatre, and subsequently I pursued a diploma in screenwriting after graduation. At the same time, I began posting original fiction on Wattpad. I know there are many prejudices against Wattpad and stereotypes about Wattpad content among the trad pub community, but I will always be immensely grateful for what the Wattpad team did for my writing career. They literally plucked my story out of the millions on the platform and gave me all the writerly support I could have asked for, and then secured a TV deal for me on top of it! Without that, I might not ever have envisioned writing as a viable career, and I wouldn’t be branching into trad pub now 🙂

Amber, YA/NA SFF!

Great question! I started writing because I wanted more romance in the movies I was watching. I was about 11 at the time, so of course all the movies were PG with not enough handholding or exchanged smiles. So I started writing these strings of half stories that were like fanfics of the movies, up until when the characters had held hands to my satisfaction, haha.

Then I turned thirteen and we had a really long school break. I decided to write something original and to complete it, and I think that was when I knew writing was my thing. My hobby. I’ve been writing virtually nonstop ever since!

– Lucia; The Fantasy And Regency Writer!

Hi Hannah V! I actively was playing with the idea of writing back in 2018. In 2021 I actively decided to make a schedule for writing and I haven’t stopped ever since. After finishing my first novel which took 2 years, I re-discovered my love for writing by pursuing other stories. The reason I continued to pursue it, is because for me, it’s a form of therapy. I push the limits of my imagination and I create different characters for the stories. And with each character I get to learn a little more about myself and just psychology in general.

I hope one day I get to share all the stories and characters I have created to the world as I continue pursuing this path!

-Alex, Romance Writer!


This is such a great question! I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was eight years old. To say it’s a childhood dream would be an understatement. I was known at my very small school for being the girls who would spend her recess time writing or reading instead of playing with her friends. I always was writing in a notebook, even in class.

I decided to double major in writing and history when it was time to pick a major. However, life had its fun with me. I ended up switching writing into a minor and then dropping it completely in order to graduate on time. But I still held on to my dream to write.

Last year I finally had the first book, of many I have been writing, that I felt proud enough to try and get it published. Right now I’m revising it, again, but I have that eight year old dream to still reach and I know it will happen.

–Briana, Slice of Life YA

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  1. Love this question and the answers! I’d wanted to be a writer since I was fifteen and had this really vivid dream that I’d felt I’d just had to write. It’s been such a ride since then!


  2. Enjoyed reading the different ways a new generation of writers were formed. One of my favorite AUPQ so far!


  3. Wow this is so wholesome. Knowing what you want to do at such a young age is a blessing really.


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