Path2pub Theme For June

Hello Everyone!

2022 is almost halfway through, which technically means that Path2pub is going to be 6 months old! Over these months, the site has been growing and we’re so thankful for our new readers.

Now, the past months on Path2pub have been with awesome, freestyle posts from our Contributors. For June though, we’re working under a fun theme which is…

Our Writing Processes!

This month we’ll all be sharing posts about:

  • How we write
  • When we write
  • Where we write
  • How often we write
  • Writing snacks, if we have them

And so on!

Where You Come In!

An even more fun part of the theme is that we’ll love to feature a post from one of our readers! So if you’ll like to have a blog post of your writing process go live on Path2pub, simply send us an email here with a brief article of your writing process answering these questions above – and a brief bio!

We’re excited to get it all underway. Have an awesome month!

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