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The road to publication can be exhausting sometimes. Here’s a roadside cafe serving all things writing/publishing to relieve you: information sodas, entertainment burgers, amusement chips… we’ve got it. It’s alright to take a break; check out the menu!

Info Burgers 🍔

  • S.A. Chakraborty Success Story: Success stories are some of Lucia’s favorite publishy things to read. Since #DVPit announcement is on this Cafe, it seemed fitting to also share Shannon’s – a DVpit success story!
  • Fear Thesaurus: Looking for how to properly express your character’s fears? Check this out!
  • BIPOC Agents and Editors: If you’re seeking representation from an agent/editor who specifically reps BIPOC, check this site out.

Team Soda 🥤

Some of our favorite books so far this year:

  • Lucia: The Briar U series by Elle Kennedy. Although The Deal (Book 1) and The Goal (Book 4) are my absolute favorites in the series!
  • Amber: The Girl Who Fell Beneath The Sea by Axie Oh 🌊
  • Reem: This Might Get Awkward by Kara McDowell.

Tweet Chips 🍟

Links to tweets from the writing community we hope you enjoy!

Informative Tweets

Relatable Tweets

Got any awesome writerly links or quotes to share with us? From your blog or another’s? Leave in the comments and we’ll add it next time!

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8 thoughts on “Weekend Roadside Cafe

  1. Ah so that was the cause of the Twitter discourse. I’d seen the word ‘discourse’ all over my timeline and couldn’t find the source. Unfortunately, I think the author had been bragging, trying to share that she’d gotten big book deals for a book she hadn’t put much effort into, which was what had led to her saying those in the interview, and then it backfired. Lessons to learn writers!


    1. I definitely think she was bragging too! And honestly in the rest of the interview, she didn’t sound very eloquent, which makes one really wonder overall. But this just makes me think that writers should be given media training before they start doing interviews!

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  2. Aww, I love reading Shannon’s story! I totally have to go check out the Briar U series now. I’ve been seeing it around, it’s really beloved, but I was scared it might not live up to the hype. Thanks for the recommendations! 🍻


  3. Love this entire cafe 🤩 I don’t even know where to begin discussing from haha. That fear thesaurus is very helpful. I have some of the author’s books on settings and emotions thesauruses. It’s really good to see they have an entire blog where they share more! Those books have been phenomenal for my writing and I can’t recommend them enough!

    It’s interesting to see that agents feel like querying writers when on subs. I’d always thought this, but seeing an agent tweet it is also very relatable. Amazing Cafe 😉


  4. I think this Twitter thread addresses the discourse very much. And it’s almost exactly as Maddie said above;

    I’ve missed the recent Cafes because of an online hiatus and can’t wait to catch up 🙂

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  5. That tweet on what makes Shakespeare funny had me snorting haha! And yes, being ghosted on a full manuscript really stings. I can never phantom why that happens? I feel like if you don’t want to read the full manuscript, you can even pass on a few pages read. Or just pass generally with a general feedback! But my advice is that when certain number of months pass and you don’t get a response to your full, just remove it from your mind. Because constantly thinking on it will really eat you and your confidence up!

    Fabulous Cafe, and I can’t wait to come back to read more of the comments!

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  6. I’ve missed Team Soda 🥤 I think an a Ask us Pub Question could be that do you ladies believe retellings should be written without the source material read?

    Fab Cafe 🤩


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