AUPQ: Outlining Or Pantsing?

Path To Publication is officially 6 Months old and we just want to say Thank You to all of our readers and commenters and everyone who inspire us to keep this website churning!

On today’s Ask Us Pub Questions, Gina wants to know: Do you ladies outline when writing, or do you pants?

I’m an outliner! I wrote on my Path2pub post here about why I love to outline.

—Lucia, The Fantasy Writer!

I am a plantser – somewhere in between! I have no chill so when an idea pops into mind I usually feel the urge to start drafting before I have time to do a proper outline, so I have a really brief “outline” and then pants the rest! More on that in my latest Path2pub writing process post!

-Amber, YA/NA SFF!

I’ve written four books and I’m in the process of writing the fifth. The first three books were completely pantsed and that worked really well for me. With my fourth book, I wanted to teach myself to outline, so I took an online course on it. I would say after taking that course I’m a plantser! I don’t plan every small detail, but I try to plan the broad strokes of the plot or character arcs. I don’t have a detailed outline, which allows myself to have the freedom to still pants parts of the book because I actually think some of my best scenes are the ones that haven’t been planned, but organically came up as I was writing.

– Reem, All Things With Heart In YA

I’m a little bit of both! I definitely need at least bullet points and outline to keep track of the story. I also need to know my characters and where I want to take the story when I write.

Alex, Romance Writer!

Um, this is hard. Am I an outliner? Kinda? Am I a pantser? Also a kinda. Am I a plantser? Maybe? I just listen to my characters and see where they take me. They are my road map to the story.

-Briana, Slice of Life YA

Do YOU outline or pants?

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  1. Happy 6 months pathtopublication! I can’t even explain the impact you’ve had on me this year. This is one of my favorite sites and I appreciate you ladies so much for all you share with us🧡

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  2. I love outlining as I’d shared on Lucia’s post on this month’s theme – and a massive congratulations 🎉 to reaching 6 months Path2pub! This is one of the most fun sites for me to be on and here’s to another 6 months! 🥂

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  3. Cheers 🍻 to six months and to six months more Path2pub! I’ve learned so much from this site 🙂


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