#DVPit Most Iconic Tweets

Because this August 1st and 2nd 2022 is the DVPit Season in the writing community, and because Lucia is a total geek for all things publishing success stories, here are some of the most successful #DVPit pitches. Both in the sense that they got the authors agents and also launched the authors’ successful writing careers!

So if you’re wondering how to craft a Twitter pitch or if to participate in DVPit next time, check these out!

For more info on successful pitches, visit the site here! Happy pitching!

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9 thoughts on “#DVPit Most Iconic Tweets

  1. These were fun to read and also very inspiring. I hadn’t known some of these authors had come up through DVPit, like SA! It’s great to see the pitches that had began everything. Just wow


    1. Also Lucia, I look forward to the day your DVPit tweet joins this pitching hall of fame. I’d loved your pitch at the last pitch party 😊


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