Why I Write Romance Novels

Post by Swati Hegde

This is my first solo post! So hello, everyone–I’m Swati Hegde, a 26-year-old romance author from Bangalore, India. I’ve lived in India my whole life, and my writing almost always features Indian cities as the main setting. Which is interesting, because most traditionally published contemporary novels in the US are not set outside of America, least of all in India. Here’s hoping my literary agent and I are able to change that 🙂

Anyway, let’s get to the topic of this post: why I write romance novels.

Whenever I meet someone new and they ask me what I do, I tell them, “Oh, I’m a writer and editor.” And they almost always say, “Wow, so cool! What do you write?”

And when I reply, “I write romance,” there’s this flicker of amusement–sometimes disappointment–on their face. Like I should be embarrassed for writing romance novels, or maybe I should have said, “Literary fiction that makes the world a better/smarter/more thoughtful place”.

And that’s the first reason I write romance: as a big F-you to those out there who look down upon romance authors and think it doesn’t help the world (because it honestly does).

I truly believe romance is one of the most wonderful genres out there, not just because it upholds strong standards for romantic relationships, but also because in this dumpster fire world where everything seems tragic and exhausting most of the time, romance novels can give you hope. And sometimes, hope is all you need to keep going.

So here’s the second reason I write romance. Not only do I want to normalize people having high standards in relationships and not tolerating problematic behavior in their partners, but I also want to show my readers that the right person for them will treat them with more love and kindness than they ever imagined possible. I know, because I’m in a romance novel-worthy relationship myself (tropes: second chance romance, best friends to lovers) that very closely mirrors the kind of love I write about.

Also, romance novels have gotten me through some of the worst moments of my life: depressive episodes, bad breakups, career hiccups. Being able to laugh at a funny meet-cute or grin at an adorable confession of love? I don’t take that for granted on the bad days. That’s my reason #3. If a reader somewhere in the world feels happy, even for a minute of their difficult day, because of my romance novels… that would make every single part of this (long and frustrating) author journey worth it.

So that’s why I write romance, and why I’ll never stop writing it. Because romance novels make the world a better, kinder, funnier, happier place–and that’s the kind of world I want to live in.

How about you? What genre do you write, and why do you write it? I’d love to hear your reasons in the comments below.

Love hard & dream big!

Swati is a desi adult romance and YA author. By day, she’s a mindset coach and freelance editor. She is also a self-proclaimed coffee shop enthusiast who lives in Bangalore, India, and can usually be found at the nearest café with a hot mug of tea. You can follow Swati on Twitter or Instagram.

13 thoughts on “Why I Write Romance Novels

  1. Welcome to Path2pub, Swati! I love so many elements in this post! Best of luck to you and your agent 🙂


  2. I love romance and how unapologetic you are about writing it! Anyone who looks down at it is just pretentious. It’s one of the most successful genres for a reason! I write sci-fi, but always with romance. Everything needs to have romance in it for me to either write or read it 😇 Happy to have you join the Path2pub team!

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  3. “Also, romance novels have gotten me through some of the worst moments of my life: depressive episodes, bad breakups, career hiccups. Being able to laugh at a funny meet-cute or grin at an adorable confession of love”
    This is so wholesome, Swati.

    I’m glad that you are proud of what you write. Welcome to this fantastic website of admirable ladies and I look forward to seeing more posts from you!

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  4. Hi there, Swati. Your first solo post is absolutely lovely. I’m not a big reader of romance, but your post would be the kind of writing that would attract me to try yours. I’m in the UK, and I love reading the writings of authors who have a different background or world view to mine. Are you published yet?


    1. Thanks so much, Isabel! I’m not published yet, but I signed with my literary agent a couple of months ago, so hopefully I’ll land a book deal soon.

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