Us And Our MCs: A Ten But…

Welcome to another Path2pub Special! Following the hilarious twitter trend, we decided to make a bit of fun of our MCs in our manuscripts and WIPS. They’re A Ten BUT!!

We look forward to seeing your takes in the comments!


From my current manuscript: A Dyad Of Brass

He’s a ten, but he steals money to buy you roses.

– She’s a ten, but she’ll pick the king’s pocket when he’s not looking!


For my upcoming manuscript: Galentine’s Day

-She’s a ten, but needs a fake boyfriend to keep her friends off her back.

-He’s a ten, but has a master plan to steal his fake girlfriend’s heart without getting attached.


For my current WIP: The Finley Case

She’s a ten, but she kind of has dead parents and the investigation for their murders went cold and now she wants you to assemble a team to help her solve the case and maybe ruin your chances for law school.

He’s a ten, but he is too focused on his law school dreams right now but also kind of wants to help the hot new girl out.


From my debut picture book: Santiago’s Dinosaurios

– He will be a ten, but right now he’s a dinosaur obsessed first grader.


From my YA fantasy: The Fall of the Dragon

-She’s a ten, but she likes creating weapons of destruction (like a flying guillotine that can take off your head!)

-He’s a ten, but you never know whether he loves you or he’s just using you to get power 😦


From my desi Emma-inspired romcom: [Shhh, the title is a secret!]

-She’s a ten, but she’s so obsessed with playing matchmaker that she’s clueless about her own love life.

-He’s a ten, but he’s been pining after his aspiring matchmaker friend for decades and will probably never love anyone else.

We hope you enjoyed reading as much as we enjoyed writing it! Tell us in the comments about your MCs buts 😉

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17 thoughts on “Us And Our MCs: A Ten But…

  1. Oooh this is very fun to read! I came back to blogs and Path2pub at the perfect time hehe. I have this bookmarked ☺️

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  2. Omg these are all great! I love them 😂 especially Lucia’s, Amber and Mariana’s!

    For my story: she’s a 10 but she’s a war enthusiast!

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  3. “She’s a ten but she thinks numbers are a curse and words are heaven’s gift.

    He’s a ten, he thinks numbers are angels own words.”

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  4. I chortled reading this 😁 Santiago’s is the most adorable thing ever!

    For Battle Of Stars:

    He’s a ten but he melds minds with monsters to learn their secrets.
    She’s a ten but she almost destroys cities if someone brings up her mummy issues.

    Wow, this sounds dark😁

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  5. One of my absolute favorite things about Path2pub is the combination of genres of authors and that could not have been better highlighted here! I loved this trend on Twitter, great to see it here😀

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  6. This is so funny and fun! Love this website ☺️

    For my novel,
    She’s a 10, but she’s half dragon 🐉
    He’s a 10, but he’s half werewolf

    And their halves hate each other 🤪

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