Weekend Roadside Cafe

The road to publication can be exhausting sometimes. Here’s a roadside cafe serving all things writing/publishing to relieve you: information sodas, entertainment burgers, amusement chips… we’ve got it. It’s Alright to take a break; check out the menu!

Team Soda 🥤

Our favorite genres to write in are:

  • Lucia: I love writing fantasy—which is super interesting because it’s the genre I’m most tentative about reading.
  • Mariana: My favorite genre is picture book (for the moment).
  • Amber: I like to write SFF too! Both historical and contemporary.
  • Alex: And I like to write Paranormal and Romance 😊
  • Briana: Contemporary.
  • Swati: Romance (both Adult and YA)

Info Burgers 🍔

Photo from Pinterest

Tweet Chips 🍟

Links to tweets from the writing community we hope interest you!

Informative Tweets

Relatable Tweets

From @NZNeep twitter

New Agents In Publishing

Got any awesome writerly links or quotes to share with us? From your blog or another’s? Leave in the comments and we’ll add it next time!

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20 thoughts on “Weekend Roadside Cafe

  1. Those memes 😆 And what a packed Cafe!! It seems like the pub world was really busy and active over this week.
    I love fans reaction to the Ballad of Songbirds casting lol. They said young President Snow looked like a tiktoker lool.

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  2. I smiled when I saw the memes. They’re so funny! Especially the fantasy books memeing! The Cruel Prince and Six Of Crows killed me 😂
    I think the memes are really good to lighten up the sobering updates, like with maximum literary shutting down or the BN issue. Sometimes it feels like publishing is shutting off around us…

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  3. I adore writing fantasy too! I’ve enjoyed following the 2023 debut chats on twitter 😍 while longing to be a part of it someday 🌸
    The Maximus Lit issue is just foul and is why I can’t exactly take new agencies seriously. I feel so sorry for its authors, but honestly sometimes when authors announce their agents I see the agencies and wonder. I think it’s a bit clear with these names that these agencies aren’t legit. And as much as authors really want to get their books published, they need to be smarter. Signing with flukes will only hurt you later and not help you achieve that publishing dream!

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  4. I 100% agree with Maddie above. Some writers may think it ambitious to stick to querying big named agents or agents from big named agencies, but the truth is that they are the most reliable. Some of these new agencies start out with good intentions. But then months and years go by without any of their agents selling a book because they don’t have the industry connections. Then they shut down and lay off all their clients. Agents with at least a modest list of book deals are the best bets!

    And I was so curious to see it but it seems the thread on writer who gave up on querying has been deleted 😅

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    1. Well said, Hannah V. We can’t get all the big named agents, but still writers should aspire for them! It’s not a guarantee of success, but it’s the better shot for writers. I’m seeing a new agency announcing agents on Twitter (I don’t want to mention names but it’s named after gemstone), and honestly, it doesn’t look like an experienced agency or one that will last. I just hope writers would be careful. Because I know overeager writers will soon flood over to them to try their chances.

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    2. Thank you so much for adding your views and reading!! Yes that happens sometimes (some tweets being deleted before the Roadside Cafe goes live), but it’s the writers prerogative hehe


  5. Agents ghosting on full manuscripts is the worst thing ever 🤦🏻‍♀️ I can feel the writer’s sadness! And ugh those mean rejections. I hope the agents saw the tweets and are doing better now. It’s good that writers aren’t afraid to share these things. We should stand for ourselves.

    I like the memes. They had me grinning in the kitchen just now, one would think it’s the food making me happy haha. Very good Cafe. Thank you for putting it together:)

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  6. Good work putting this together. Roadside Cafe keeps getting better. I don’t think there are many writers, if any, who dump their agents just because they didn’t get them a book deal. There must’ve been something else wrong with their relationship. Mostly writers leave agents when they don’t feel like they’re being made a priority; when they feel disregarded. Sometimes it’s also because the agent’s vision doesn’t match with their following books etc. The agent who tweeted that mustn’t have the full story. Agents are so hard to find that writers won’t dump an agent unless they feel they really have to.

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    1. You’ve said this so well, John Paul. I had the same thoughts when I saw agents speaking on that. No writer who’s struggled to get an agent—and then feels well prioritized by that agent—would leave them over not selling their books quickly. The only time this happens, and I feel is justifiable, is if the agent is a brand new agent that doesn’t have the connections needed to sell a book. Sometimes because of overeagerness, writers sign with these ‘fledgling’ agents without thought of how the agents newness might affect the writer’s chances. And then when they do realize the agent has no true connection, they leave rather than wait years with constant failed attempts and have too many of their books die on submissions🤷‍♀️

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