Upcoming Path2pub Themes

Hello Readers! We’re diving into the Ember Months soon and on Path2pub, we’ll be posting around themes we are very excited about!

September On Path2pub is themed:

Musically Written!

For this theme we Contributors will be regaling you with a variety of posts on our various interpretations of how writing connects with music for us!

There will also be an Agent Interview you don’t want to miss and more Book Reviews on new releases, so stay tuned.

We’re still working on our general October theme, but a sub-theme we’re even more excited about is:

Countries We Write In!

Path2pub is a super diverse website with Contributors/Writers from all parts of the globe! And the things that draw us together are our love for writing, books, and this crazy publishing ride we’re on.

With this theme we’ll be pulling our various countries/cities to one place: on Path2pub with captivating photos and blurbs. (Yes gals, I’m setting high expectations). This is going to be a Path2pub Special.

And no, we don’t get to have all the fun. The stage is open for you readers as well!

• Send us a brief post with 4-7 photos of your city (your writing desk, your best view, your favorite eatery where you curl up with books, your go-to coffee shop, your favorite library/bookshop etc.). Send here. Bonus point for cute aesthetics.

• Write blurbs of 1-3 sentences about those places for context 🙂.

• Don’t forget to include the name of your country/city, your writing genre, twitter handle, and any other detail you feel is important.

• (Edit) Please send your posts in by September 28th!

• For any questions on how-to (?) leave a comment below or email us on the Contact page above.

We’re excited for the coming months! Stay tuned!

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13 thoughts on “Upcoming Path2pub Themes

  1. Oooh this sounds very exciting. Huge music fan here and I can’t wait to see the September theme. And I’m SO stoked for the October theme too. Omg that sounds great!!!


  2. How exciting. I look forward to the coming posts! I’m going to see if I can do countries we write in. It sounds so fun and I’m all about aesthetics 🙂


  3. I’m most excited for the music theme, but I’m also eager to see your different countries/cities. I think it’s a brilliant idea!


  4. How exciting! Both themes sound like a lot of fun and I love finding authors who write from different countries. It’s such a wonderful way to get new experiences and perspectives. Looking forward to next month’s posts!

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