Book Review: Santiago’s Dinosaurios

32 Pages
27th October, 2022
Albert Whitman & Company

Firstly, thanks to the publicist and awesome author for providing me an ARC of Santiago’s Dinosaurios. I’ve been super excited about this picture book, and guess what? I was not disappointed. It was such a heartwarming read with vibrant illustrations that taught lessons of hope and kindness.

Santiago newly immigrated to the US and has to attend school with no knowledge of English. This picture book brings to life his adventure of a first day at a school where everyone communicates easily around him while he struggles and fears he won’t fit in.

I love how the story shows that some things transcend language, like passion. And that there are many ways to communicate even though you don’t necessarily speak the same language. As a fan of Jurassic World/Park, I was also captivated by the introduction of dinosaurs. The children in this story were beautifully diverse and I think this story also encourages people (adult and kids) to be open-minded and more accepting of people from other cultures. That was one thing that really stuck with me from this book. Accept. Love. Be kind.

I 100% recommend this picture book, both to parents for their kids and adults. There’s a lesson in there for everyone. Make sure to pre-order!

L.O. Nobi is an avid writer, with numerous novels constantly blinking at her on her laptop. She’s a lover of words, reading, and Disney. You can find her tweeting here, or visit her personal blog here.

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