Outlining with Music.

Alex Garcia

Previously we had a question about how music influences our writing (Ask us questions post) and my answer stands, I love music and I have a playlist for each WIP.

But one of the things I have done lately is adding a song below each chapter. I absolutely love hearing the playlists and songs some authors add to their books at the beginning of each novel.

However, once I listen to the songs, I can’t really pinpoint which song inspired the chapter or scene. Sometimes when I become obsessively enamored with a novel, I tend to dissect every single word of it. I want to know anything and everything, so as a reader and a writer I decided to add the song below each chapter that inspired that scene for my WIPs. (And quite frankly each song helps me outline.)

For this post I am going to share several songs that have inspired some of my chapters for my WIPs. I will also shamelessly add extra songs that have pushed me through querying and the heartache that the path of publication can bring. (Just like Lucia’s post).

From my witchy book: Midnight Coven. 

Chapter 1– Wicked Games, Gemma Hayes

Main characters meet in the worst circumstances, their covens are rivals. 

Technically this song was the inspiration for the entire book, so of course it made it to Chapter 1.

Chapter 25 – My Salvation, Gabrielle Aplin 

The main characters have just declared their love for one another and they have come to a conclusion that they want to fight with each other instead of against each other.

From my figure skating sapphic romance book: Figure it out.

Chapter 2- Whatever it takes, Imagine Dragons

One of my main characters has just arrived at the ice rink and is ready to prove to her coach and my other MC how good she is.

I had so much fun writing this scene! I love rivals/enemies to lovers and this book is no different.

Chapter 13- Let the rain, Sara Bareilles

For this scene my Main character is feeling the pressure of being in a relationship as well as pushing her limits while she skates.

As you can see, I use songs to help me outline. As a panster/plotter at heart this also helps me to keep me on track with the feelings I want to emote for each scene. 

As promised here are some of the songs I have had on repeat since querying and during low and sad times when I have rejections and overall the news from traditional publishing:

Fight Song, Rachel Platten

Daylight,Taylor Swift

It’s OK, Nightbirdie

And many of my posts I like to finish with a quote. This quote represents the way I feel about writing and career in publishing. If you need a break take it, but don’t fully stop.

“I’d rather be a comma than a full stop.” Chris Martin from Coldplay

Alexandra Garcia is a Romance author. She currently lives in Texas with her 2 pups: Jett and Maggie. She is currently editing her 4th WIP (Work in Progress) and just like all her novels she is a constant work in progress. 
You can find her here:
Twitter | Instagram | Website

4 thoughts on “Outlining with Music.

  1. I think that any scene that’s after Imagine Dragon’s whatever it takes is 💯 going to be spectacular! I’m very much enjoying this music theme 😍


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