AUPQ: Strengths And Weaknesses As Writers

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Today, Zainab wants to know: What would you say are your strongest and weakest points in writing?? Is it world building? Character? Plot?
Thank you for setting up this feature. I always love seeing your collective answers!

A writing question, yay! Let’s toot our horns. For strengths, I’ve always been able to write characters that readers root for, right from when I started writing seriously at 13–although that skill suffered for a bit last year when I started practicing writing from a technical standpoint. I’m also pretty good at creating captivating and unique plotlines. And my newer strength is in worldbuilding, which I learned last year and keep getting better at!

For my writing weakness, I think it’s in word count. Because I go for pretty intense plot lines and love to focus on world building, my stories tend to run a bit long. I don’t have a fantasy MS that’s shorter than 100k words, although I try to keep the first books lower than 120k. I hope to get to a point someday where I’m not restricted by word counts when I write!

—Lucia, the YA Fantasy Writer!

Yay! I love writing questions! For me my biggest strength is the character. In my stories, my characters drive the plot. They drive the dialogue. They are literally in control of the story because it is the main character’s story, not mine. Even if I do an outline or have a rough idea of how I want the chapter to go, if the character takes it in a different direction, okay! Let’s just do you then. It’s your story, let’s see what you want to do and how you will achieve your goals.

My weakness is definitely description. I honestly and truly don’t care about descriptive writing. We get it. You’re in the forest. You don’t have to go on ten pages describing every single detail of it. (Looking at you Tolkien.) I only write a description of a character if I think it is important to the plot. For THE FINLEY CASE, one of my main characters is a ginger. That’s really important because it has her stand out among the crowd of blondes, brown, and black hair. Sorry if you are a description fan but that is not me.

—Briana, The Mystery Writer

I am terrible at self-reflection! But if I had to choose I think my strength is in character development (like Lucia and Bri!), particularly developing relationship arcs between characters that readers care about. I do think that characters are central to a good story because without characters that people can relate to/root for, it’s hard to help readers feel for the story, so I’m particularly proud of having created characters that readers say have made them laugh and cry before.

As for weakness, I think mine would be sticking the landings when it comes to ending a story. Different writers probably struggle with different parts of the story, whether it’s beginning, middle or end, and mine is definitely the ending, because I tend to get carried away with the awesome middle that I sometimes lose track of what’s happened and then need to rein things back in to figure out how to craft a good, satisfying ending!

Amber, YA/NA SFF!


I really liked reading the answers that other contributors had to this question. In my case, I consider one of my writing strengths is the way I add emotions to my stories. I think that I’ve been good at establishing emotional connections between the readers and my characters, so that they can really share the feelings that come through in the pages.

Regarding writing weaknesses, I’d say that one of the them has to do with word count. Picture books have very limited word counts, since illustrations also have a great part on telling the story. In my first drafts I usually use a lot of words and sometimes I’m quite descriptive, which means later I have to spend time and effort cutting out words that are not essential to the story or that are getting in the way of the illustrator. I’ve been getting better at this with time and practice, but it’s something that I usually struggle with. Another weakness I’ve identified is that sometimes I have a hard time finding the right words when I write in English, since my first language is Spanish. Using a thesaurus has helped me a lot and I’ve noticed I’ve been increasing my vocabulary; however, there are still times in which it’s frustrating not being able to come up with the word I want.

-Mariana, PB Writer!


Love the answers of my peers! For my strengths, similar to my peers, I think is character development and coming up with new story ideas. I can take a full day and develop a spreadsheet on my characters traits, relationships and problems. I also tend to write and edit fairly clean, and my editing process is not as bad as it seems. I tend to overanalyze every scene in my story, and it helps me during editing because during my read-through I don’t have many plot holes, my usual concerns are line editing and copy edits.
My biggest weaknesses are descriptions and similar to Mariana, words. My first language is Spanish, so sometimes I tend to overuse or repeat a word unnecessarily. Just like Mariana, the thesaurus is my best friend in these kind of situations. But nevertheless, I like looking up synonyms and antonyms and also read more books to increase my vocabulary.

-Alex, Romance Writer

Tell us about your writing strengths and weaknesses below!

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10 thoughts on “AUPQ: Strengths And Weaknesses As Writers

  1. As much as I love the questions that tackle querying, it’s also refreshing to get a cheerful writing question haha.

    Enjoyed reading all your answers! My writing strength, I think, is in my ability to write clean drafts and write with focus anywhere. The world could be falling apart and I would still not be distracted 😂 My writing weakness is in knowing how to use feedback. Usually if the idea is not straight from my mind it’s hard to interpret


  2. Yes to horn tooting! This is a great question.
    My writing strength is in coming up with interesting plots and scenes. I would say my weakness is how anything can rip me out of a scene, so I can’t write when my phone is on or when there are people around me to cause anything that changes my mood. Loved your answers!


  3. Great post! I love hearing about Mariana and Alex’s use of a second language in writing as someone whose first language also isn’t English. The diversity on this site sparkles 😊


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