Our theme for September on here is Musically Written and if you read my post in June, you know that music plays a huge part in my writing and reflects itself in my books. But did you know that I once was inspired to write a screenplay all thanks to a song?

When I was in my writing youth, I tried my hand in writing everything I could. I mainly specialized in boarding school stories or fantasy because that was what I liked back in the day. But one day when I was maybe 14 or 15, I heard one simple song and my brain went “Why do you have a credit sequence going on?”

The song was “Foundations” by Kate Nash. You can listen to it here. Kate Nash back in the 2000s was one of the rising stars of British pop music. The song “Foundations” made her into a household name over there and for some reason I found out about her. Granted, I was someone who watched a lot of British media, maybe more that than American media. I’m an original First Gen fan of Skins. That’s how old I am.

When I first heard this song I had a vision of a man packing up a suitcase as he was leaving his London flat to go and help his family. There were also dominoes falling into place as he packed his suitcase.

But what’s the screenplay about?

The screenplay was never finished and what I have written is placed in a box in the basement of my parents’ house. I have no idea where exactly I can find it but here is what I remember: Owen Henry, a member of Scotland Yard, must go and help his older sister take care of her sons and daughters, as they recover from the death of her husband. Each one of her kids is going through the grieving process and his sister herself just gave birth to their youngest right before her husband’s death. Think of it as Cheaper by the Dozen meets The Pacifier.

Only one person could have played Owen in my mind: James McAvoy. In my defense, I learned about him through the 2005 Disney and Walden Media Adaptation of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. That was when he was getting popular. By the time I had this idea of a screenplay, he was in Wanted.

However, like most of my writing at that time in my life, I abandoned it. I didn’t mean to. I researched how to write screenplays and learned about the three act structure. I even printed off a few favorite screenplays to study. But I found that I liked prose writing more. I was able to write my stories using the three act structure in movies. (My current WIP is following the four act structure so it’s a bit different.)

But if it wasn’t for one song, maybe my writing path would have changed drastically. But, then again. I spent November 2012 doing my very first NaNoWriMo as I studied abroad in London listening only to Taylor Swift’s Red album and Ed Sheeran’s + as I tried to rewrite Little Women in a modern day sense and have Jo and Laurie end up together.

How about it you? Have you ever heard a song and gotten inspiration to write something? What was it like? Did you ditch it or were you able to finish it? Let us know down below in the comments.

Briana Michelle Meyer recently moved back to America after spending 6 years living and working in South Korea as an English teacher. Currently she is working on a murder mystery and is hopeful about it because who doesn’t love murder in the morning? As of now she’s trying to resettle back into American life after being in Korean culture for some time so please be patient with her as she tries to remember how to American again. You can find her on Twitter or Instagram.

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30 year old Wisconsinite and aspiring author.

10 thoughts on “Foundations

  1. I can’t remember the title of this song, but it has this lyrics I can never forget ‘a drop in the ocean, a change in the weather…’ it inspired me to write a seafaring novel years ago. The lyrics was so visual.
    Now however I have no idea where the book is 😄


  2. You know, I totally love how this recount of your screenplay-music-inspired experience didn’t have the expected ending 😂 It was quite the plot twist to see that you didn’t finish writing the screenplay. To me, it just shows that it’s okay to let creativity lead you and not always see it as a must-do responsibility— if that makes sense!


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