AUPQ: 5 Fun Facts About Path2pub?

For today’s Ask Us Pub Questions, Lena Stace wants to know: What are 5 fun facts about Path2pub?

To answer this super fun question—which seems perfectly fitting for the final day of the month—we’ll list one fun fact about Path2pub each!


Fact #1: This is such a unique question! I would have to say that it has happened that when we answer posts in which all contributors participate (such as AUPQ) there’s one of us who sometimes finds that her answer has mysteriously disappeared. That is so weird and annoying at the same time 🤣, haha. We’re not sure why it happens, but our hypothesis is that perhaps we access the document at the same time. Since we are in different parts of the world with different times zones, we just don’t know when a contributor is adding to the document. So, lately, we have decided to save our answers separately, just in case we open the doc to find out our recently added answer isn’t there anymore.

-Mariana, PB Writer

Mariana’s answer is my great grief cause I feel so guilty when I come online and see that someone (usually Mariana or Amber’s) answers have disappeared 😂. Trust me, I’m crying inside!

Fact #2: A fun fact about Path2pub 🤔, so like behind the scenes stuff? Well, we’ve had a total of twelve contributors since Path2pub launched! Our numbers keep evolving, going up and down, but we’ve never been fewer than five. And I’m happy to see how the foundation/heart of the site remains solid even with the occasional changes!

—Lucia, the YA Fantasy Writer!

Fact #3: I have noticed that a lot of us have an interest in South Korean culture. I spent 6 years there living and working as an English teacher before moving back to the states. From January 2017-February 2020, I was very involved with kpop fandom over there, mainly with NCT (my ultimate bias is Johnny in case you are wondering). So finding out that some of my other contributors like Korean dramas is kinda sureal for me.

Briana, The Mystery Writer

Fact #4: I don’t know if this is a fun fact, but we have all struggled with our pictures! To this day I have no idea what is the correct size 😂. So, if I’m my picture is completely off in comparison to the rest of my contributors is totally on me and my inability to figure out the correct picture size for our posts.

-Alex, Romance Writer

Fact #5: Mariana kind of already said this in her fun fact, but Path2Pub is truly a global collaboration! I think at one point we were scattered across five different countries and at least six different time zones, so we’re always waiting for one another to wake up and reply messages – but it does also mean that you can probably find one of us awake at any time of day!

Amber, YA/NA SFF!

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6 thoughts on “AUPQ: 5 Fun Facts About Path2pub?

  1. Great post! Haha it’s interesting to know that some posts and comments disappear sometimes. We on this end don’t even notice but that must be frustrating and funny haha 😆 Also, yes to K-Pop love!


  2. I agree with Savanna that this is sweet to see. I adore Amber’s point that you ladies are from all over the world and are awake at different times haha. That sounds very fun!


  3. Great insight into Path2pub! I love this group and the dynamics🥰 I agree that despite the introduction of new contributors that the welcoming and familiar feeling of the site remains. It’s why it’s one of my favorites 😉


  4. Fun post! I did notice how the photo sizes have reduced from before hehe. Months back the photos were always so large on my laptop screen that it was funny. It’s warming to see you learn things as you go and improve the site’s delivery too!


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