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I live in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nigeria, in West Africa. Today, I’ll be taking you on a photo tour of my city where I write.

Now, there’s this misconception from the western world (US & Europe) that Africa is this archaic place of bushes and starvation. Or that Africa is one country where we all live together and know each other. When ‘Africa’ is portrayed in American movies, it’s of refugees living in the worst conditions. Well, for one Africa is a vast and diverse continent with deserts, forests, rivers, plateaus, hills, stunning cities, history-rich villages, and vibrant cultures. And while Nigeria has its many flaws in governmental and political affairs, it also has its beauties as a country with intelligent/hardworking/hilarious youths.

So with that said, here is my Nigeria 🇳🇬 through my writerly eyes:

Writing Nook
My cushion and all time favorite books🤪

I write all over the house—but mostly in my bedroom on a cushion with my laptop on my legs. Now do I drink tea? No. I can’t stand the smell of tea much less the taste. (Note: Tea in Nigeria usually means cocoa + milk + sugar. I’m not a fan of tea leaves/teabags either 🤢 lol.) But it is awesome for photo aesthetics and I love that teacup set. Wherever I write, however, I love neatness and minimalism else I can’t settle down.

View from my bedside window
My estate lies in the valley. The distant hills always look black when it rains!
We live right by the highway, opposite those rolling hills

I only started appreciating the view of my city about last year. I get so starry eyed when I read/see pictures of the Scottish highlands, and one day it hit me: like you live in one of the lushest places. There are rolling hills to enjoy a walk away, there’s green vegetation everywhere, and in the rainy season the sky is breathtaking. So I started paying attention!


This is a library from the school my sister teaches in. Most times to find libraries over here you do have to go to schools. And books like YA fantasies etc. are hard to come by overall. Unfortunately we don’t have a big reading culture here (which sucks for me!), so readers/writers like me are like aliens. It’s online reading all the way.

The landmark that welcomes you to the city proper
The largest church in West Africa

The roads are wide and often free and I love long drives. Usually when I’m knee-deep with plotting/outlining, ideas come to me during long drives across the city. I couldn’t get a closer view of the first landmark but it’s pretty magnificent, and leads to the stadium and amusement park (one of my favorite places!)

Our residential areas are estates of all sizes and makes sprinkled all over the city.

Breakfast cheffing: fried yam, plantains, and eggs with peppers and tomatoes
Jollof rice, fried rice, salad, and meat

And lastly, edibles. I enjoy making breakfast with my siblings—playing music, singing, and chattering (it’s also mostly when I bounce off plot ideas with them). For the second, my mom is a caterer which makes us the children assistant caterers by default. That’s a common but beloved Nigerian dish. The last frame is of GrandSquare, a mall. When we drive to the area, we make frequent stops there for Brain food: Ice cream and puff pastries. And yes, I choose plastic cups over cones. When you have a wild imagination sometimes you prefer reality tame-able.🙂

Movie/Book/Song For Nigerian Vibes

  • The Wedding Party (2016) 🎥
  • Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Adichie 📖
  • Joromi by Simi 🎶
  • Great Nation by Timi Dakolo 🎶
  • It’s Plenty by Burna Boy 🎶
  • Soldier by Chike 🎶
  • Overloading by Mavins 🎶

L.O. Nobi is an avid writer, with numerous novels constantly blinking at her on her laptop. She’s a lover of words, reading, and Disney. You can find her tweeting here, or visit her personal blog here.

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  1. The photos are so pretty, the skies are absolutely stunning! It’s true that there’s a lot of misconception about Africa in the media and it’s great to see your city in Nigeria from your eyes🤩 This month’s theme is so exciting


  2. The photos are beautiful. I love your writing nook, I find it inspiring to see where other writer’s work, and those food pictures at the end made my stomach growl!🥰

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  3. Beautiful photos! 🥰 this is a great post and concept. Excited to see it all come together at the end of the month!


  4. Wow, what an incredible place to get to live, and the food looks so good! I can’t wait to get the chance to visit Africa one day; I always hear what a beautiful continent it is.

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  5. Thank you for sharing. I really enjoyed reading about your part of Nigeria and seeing your photos. It’s beautiful. I agree, there is a great deal of misconception about Africa in the UK. I started to realise this a few years ago. I’ve seen “Purple Hibiscus” mentioned a few times recently. I think I shall have to read it.

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