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Hello, my name is Wyeth Doty and I am an aspiring thriller/horror writer. I am currently working on my first ever book to be published, so I spend the majority of my free time writing. I currently live in Seoul, South Korea. This city is gorgeous and full of life and inspiration for my writing.
Here are some of my favorite pictures of Seoul:

This is the view from a local coffee shop that I often sit at to write. The entire wall is a large window overlooking the window. It’s the perfect view for when I’m trying to think of what I want to happen next in my story.

This is a local bookshop that sells all English books, which is hard to come by in Seoul. They sell both new and used books for a fair price. I have to admit, I spend way too much time in this little shop. 

This is a church that has become a huge inspiration for my next horror WIP. It’s equal parts gorgeous and creepy at night, just what a thriller author like me needs! 

The streets of Seoul are comprised on mostly alleyways, like this one. It’s places like these where you find the best cafes and the most delicious foods. Not to mention, a gorgeous sunset. I love this city so much. 

Finally, a bookstore with a cafe built in to it. I love sitting here and reading. It’s great to be surrounded by other people who also love to read. It reminds me that no matter what the culture or language, there are always people who are passionate about literature much like myself. 

Thank you for sharing this lovely photo tour of your Seoul with us, Wyeth! It’s so much fun 🙂

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  1. Disclosure: Wyeth (so strange calling you that) and I know each other very well. When I found out what the theme for October would be, I sent the information to her right away. Seoul gets some love on here now that I’m gone (it’s been almost a month. I miss it.)

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