Countries We Live In: Demri Redmon

I have lived in a few places in the USA all along the East Coast. My favorite place of residence has been St Augustine, FL – the oldest settled city in the States (really though, look it up hehe). I have a surplus of book ideas from that very haunted, magical city. However, I’m currently living in East TN near the Smoky Mountains. I have gotten a handful of book ideas from these beautiful mountains & rich Appalachian history as well. My current WIP’s setting is inspired by my favorite city in East TN: Gatlinburg, TN. Here are a few pictures of the Smoky Mtn range during a lovely sunset from this past weekend.

The Smoky Mtn range is in the background

As a chronic cafe writer, I find local coffee shops in every city. Here is a favorite, cat-inspired cafe in Johnson City, TN.

I love writing in cafes & I try to go to one every week. Cafes are magical to me. I just love smelling the robust coffee & listening to the familiar hustle & bustle. I love enjoying my favorite drinks too. For me, it’s always a PSL in the fall. Other times, I’m a caramel macchiato girl all the way. Most days, I write with my cat somewhere in my house so here’s my writing support animal, Luna Marie.

Overall, I’m so thankful for all the beautiful places I have lived in. I’ve been very lucky to live in historically rich areas with haunted stories everywhere I look. As a horror writer, I’m so thankful for the ideas I have gotten from the cities I have lived in. I’d love to hear from you. Where do you live & how does it inspire your writing? Happy writing, friends!

Demri, The Horror Writer

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  1. Writing in Cafes is one of my new favorite things to do 🙂 I love the privacy, yet having the quiet hum of activity around. Also, stunning photos! I still can’t get over this month’s theme🍀

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