Countries We Write In: Madeline Ronneberg

My name is Madeline, and I live in the rainy state of Washington, which is in the US! Washington has many lush green forests and mountains, making it home to fantastic hiking trails and camping grounds.

Right now in WA is starting to make the change to fall slowly but surely. Fall starts at the end of September. The temperature is still higher than typical fall temps, but it was raining this morning. Right now the sun is out! Some of the leaves are starting to change, but not many yet.

Since it’s on the coast, we have some of the best seafood you can find, and we have fishing opportunities too!

Its so lush and filled with green. The landscape is what drove me to write a forest in my manuscript, TTH.

It’s like in the ACOMAF books! We have cabins in the mountains, and they’re so so cozy to be in. I’ve only been in one once.

Thank you for the photo tour! You can find Maddie on twitter: @maddieronn!

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