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Here I am to showcase a little (I mean it when I say little) part of Asia! So I’m from Singapore, a small island city in tropical South-east Asia that’s not even bigger than London. I just Googled and found out that the UK, the other country I’ve lived in, is 33,772% larger than Singapore lmao – no wonder I always find it overcrowded here. Singapore is a cosmopolitan city with great diversity, so you get a whole array of cultural influences mixing together in one giant (little) pot. Being at the equator, we also have summer all year round, so weather is divided between “sunny” and “rainy” and that’s about it. As a winter person, this makes me very sad because it is almost never sweater weather.

If you’ve visited Singapore or if you’re a big traveller, you may have stopped by our airport before. It’s been rated first in the world for many years, and it is one of my favourite places on the island. We’ve built a new mega shopping mall at the airport in recent years, called the Jewel (that’s what you see above with the centrepiece fountain and foliage that makes it look like a scene out of some video game) and I Love It. It also has the only Pokemon Centre in the country so bonus points there.

Since I say I live on an island I suppose it has to come with evidence of sea views. If I may be completely honest, we don’t have the best beaches/sea in South-east Asia but it’s still nice to be able to get salty sea breeze and ride boats from time to time. This is from the southern tip of the main island, that connects to a more teensy island called Sentosa that’s mostly for holidaying purposes – that’s where you’ll find our Universal Studios theme park. Cable cars in the background!

The best part about living in Singapore has got to be the Food. I swear you will never go hungry in this place. Food is everywhere and you get all sorts of cuisine from all over the world, so if you’re a foodie, come here to visit you will not regret it.

To round up, here are some of my writing/bookish spaces! I mainly write at home, but sometimes I also grab a caramel macchiato (the only coffee I drink) at Starbucks and do some writing there. I have a grand total of two shelves of books, one for English and one for Chinese, and I will put on record my envy towards everyone who has SHELF AFTER SHELF AFTER SHELF of books in massive bookcases that you always see on bookstagram/booktok. I wish I had that much space – truly. Also, books are expensive af over here so I have to be pretty selective of what I buy and borrow most of the rest from the library.

Signing out here – if you want to see more photos of good food from this part of the world you can follow me on Instagram @amberwrites88 and there’ll be more of where that came from 😀 Plus book content of course.

Amber is a PitchWars ’20 alum and a Wattpad Creator. One of her Wattpad novels, The Cutting Edge, has recently been adapted for television and is streaming on meWATCH. She is represented by Meg Davis at The Ki Agency.

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  1. I love your bookshelves! And the views are just fantastic. Singapore is one of those places I’ve always wanted to travel to!


  2. I’m intrigued learning so many facts about Singapore, like with the size, the theme park and the expenses of books. It’s also fascinating that you have two book shelves for different types of books. Thanks for transporting us Amber!


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