AUPQ: Easiest And Difficult Genre To Write

It’s the last post of October! We’re so glad you readers enjoyed our Countries We Write In posts as much as we did making them. Hope to see you all in November!

Today Vanessa wants to know: What is the most difficult genre for you to write? And which is the easiest one for you to write in—and why?

For me the most difficult genre is probably romance because I am too shy for spicy scenes haha! I would probably end up squirming in my seat and writing nothing because I’m too busy blushing. Comedy comes a close second because I don’t think I have enough funny bone in me to write a funny book. I always admire authors who write humorous books because I find it so incredibly difficult! The easiest for me would be fantasy, probably because I also read a lot of fantasy so my mind is primed for that. I enjoy having the freedom of inventing new worlds and systems that don’t necessarily need to be rooted in anything real – my real life is enough, let me escape into something completely whimsical and imaginary for a change!

-Amber, YA/NA SFF!

Romance is also a tough genre for me to write because usually the entire arc is centered on a couple falling in love. And while my favorite authors absolutely kill it, I personally need something… more to be invested in writing a romance. When I dabble in writing romances there’s always a murderous ex desperate to sabotage their relationship, bandit attacking their city, travels to perilous towns, or just some bit of action to spark up the writing process for me. Otherwise, these days I won’t get past the plotting stage.

The easiest genre for me to write is fantasy. And this isn’t to say fantasy is easy—it’s not! In fact it’s one of the most complex with all the action, adventure, magic, romance, suspense, world building and so on that are its makeup. But those components come together to create a vibrant writing experience for me!

Lucia—The Fantasy Writer!

Oh, sign me up for romance as well. It is so hard to write for some reason. Even if there is a bit of romance in my books (like people coming together finally), I have no idea how to write it. Yet, my current WIP will have scenes of that nature so writing them will be fun…maybe?

As for easiest, contemporary is natural for me, especially if it is in a school/academic setting. I love writing books set in schools because we spend so much of our life learning. School is where we start to grow as a person. I do want to write a story down the line that is more suspenseful and takes place in one location one year but that is not this year. I am perfectly content fine tuning my mystery skills.

Briana, The Mystery Writer

I have a little bit of a different answer to this question than our other contributors. For me, I find themes or a specific “vibe” harder to write than any specific genre. I have tried soooo hard to write a nice, pretty cozy mystery or light-hearted romance, but I can’t do it. It’ll start out all nice & innocent then it morphs into a horror or spooky book. So for me, I have found it very hard to write anything that doesn’t contain some sort of spook whether it be ghosts, witches, dark magic, or other paranormal creatures. I can write in other genres, but it inevitably has spooky or scary themes or vibes. I can’t control it. My stories demand it! Maybe one day I’ll be able to write something nicer with no spooky factors, but for now I’m loving the projects I’m working on so I’m not disappointed. Horror is definitely the easiest genre for me to write as I can write all the spook, but I find it very hard to write anything in any genre that can’t have any scary vibes to it. Thanks for the great question, Vanessa!

-Demri, The Horror Writer

I’m the complete opposite from my contributors! Romance is the easiest genre for me to write. The center piece for all my books is the relationship between the Main Characters. I absolute love writing the pining, angst, dialogue, banter and their character traits. To add to Amber’s response, romance is something that I read extensively. The most difficult genre for me would have to be horror. The horror genre can have such a lush, descriptive prose for their settings and that is something that I constantly struggle with. I admire all the authors that can create a setting that will completely immerse you into their world and spook you with their words.

-Alex, Romance Writer

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