Halloween Special: The Scariest Media We’ve Consumed!

Today we’ll be marking Halloween by talking about the scariest movie/book we’ve consumed and creepy personal experiences!

I used to be big on horror movies years ago. I liked the screaming and jump scares and racing heart experience of it, but over the years I lost touch with them. And while we don’t celebrate Halloween over here, yesterday my siblings and I decided to have a horror movie night. We chose The Conjuring 2—which we’ve watched a while ago and forgotten about. Seeing it again made it hard to fall asleep! Goodness me, the ghosts and odd voices, the murder and gore. It was horrifying! I think most people have watched it but if you haven’t, you should! (And I agree with Mariana too! The devil isn’t a myth over here but real so over the years, some horror movies started to a little disturbing. The good thing about The Conjuring was that the MCs were Christian, so it was terrifying but also relatable-ish!)

For creepy experience, I once was lying down on the floor in my living room and heard something slithering quickly toward me. Each time I jumped up to check, there was nothing there. But I could swear I heard something. I was home alone so I just went into my room and shut the door until the house was full again!

—Lucia, The Fantasy Writer!


Just like Lucia said, I used to enjoy watching scary movies when I was younger (teen and college years), but now I avoid them because I prefer to have a good night sleep. In my case, the scariest movies I’ve watched have been about demonic possessions like The Exorcist or The Exorcism of Emily Rose. I think that these movies scare me the most because I do believe in devil, so thinking these experiences could happen in real life make them more terrifying to me. Now, I don’t like watching anything scary, I prefer romantic comedies and Hallmark movies (especially Christmas ones, haha).

Regarding creepy experiences, I remember that more than once it happened to me that when I was sleeping in my bed at my parent’s house when I was a teen, I would suddenly feel as if someone sat on my bed. I could actually feel the weight and it would wake me up, but there was nobody there 😱😵. Of course, I remember the chills going through my body and I felt I couldn’t breathe. I guess that happened for a short time, but it definitely felt like it lasted forever and I was really really scared. Thankful, that hasn’t happened to me in years, and I hope I never get that same sensation again.

-Mariana, PB Writer

I never celebrated Halloween growing up, due to various circumstances. Sure, I would watch some of the movies on TV like the OG greats such as Halloweentown and The Scream Team. But I’m not very much a scary movie person. Side note: I am very afraid of clowns so you will never catch me watching It. Never.

But a movie that scared me growing up would have to be Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. “But Briana, it’s a family movie with a script from children’s author extraordinaire Roald Dahl based off of an Ian Fleming book. It has National Treasure Dick Van Dyke.” Two words my friends: Child Catcher. To this day if I watch this movie, I need to skip any scene that man is in. He’s scary, okay?

Briana, The Mystery Writer

As a horror writer, I could write about this ALL day. I practically immerse myself in anything spooky… regularly. I love it with a passion & it inspires me to continually write scary books. To start, my favorite movies are definitely those of The Conjuring universe. The lives lived by Ed & Lorraine Warren are *fascinating* & I hope one day, I could write a book inspired by their lives. Crimson Peak is another all time favorite movie of mine. In regard to TV shows, Penny Dreadful is my absolute favorite. The way they merge classic horror tales into one story is stunning. It inspires me daily for the series I am currently writing. For books, I am a huge fan of all the classics, including Dracula, Frankenstein, The Picture of Dorian Gray, & more. However there are a few modern books I love like Mexican Gothic, Belladonna, & Stalking Jack the Ripper. They all encapsulate that fantastic Gothic feel I love so much. I could continue, but I’ll leave it at those for now. 😉

Now for personal stories… well, I could talk about this all day as well. I’m not a horror writer for no reason. However, I will mention 1 experience I’ve had in the last year that actually managed to spook me a wee bit. When I was living in St Augustine, FL (oldest settled city in the US), I worked at a wedding venue. The building had been around since the 1800s housing multiple different businesses through the years. One day, I was given the task of being the bride’s personal server. I was downstairs by myself waiting for the bride to arrive. A door that led to the staff quarters opened. I turned around, expecting to see my manager only to see a lady in an old Victorian yellow dress with blonde hair. I stared at her straight on & felt intense chills despite the FL humidity all around me with no A/C. She looked at me before turning around and disappearing into the hallway that led to our office. The door slammed shut behind her. I ran after her, expecting it to be a bridesmaid somehow arriving before anyone else hours before but the room was completely empty. That was the only door into the office. I felt genuinely spooked & ran to find my manager. He chuckled & led me to his office upstairs. He showed me a painting of the original owner of the building who happened to be the lady I saw. I had never seen the painting nor did I know the history of the building, but my manager laughed & said he saw her often too. So there’s a recent ghost story that actually spooked me. There’s others but I still think of that one the most. 🙂

Demri, The Horror Writer

I love horror with a psychological twist! Some of my favorites are Guillermo del Toro’s films. Such as The Orphanage (this film had me at the edge of my seat the entire time, and at the end I was bawling). Another one was Crimson’s Peak, I absolutely loved the gothic setting of this film. I also enjoy theater a lot and a few years ago I saw The Woman in Black in Mexico. It was an amazing experience, my heart was racing the entire time.

As far as personal experiences, back in Mexico when I lived with parents, we used to live in a two story house and sometimes around midnight we would hear a ball bouncing on the stairs, and our yorkie randomly would stop to bark at the corner of the stairs, until one day the picture frames fell almost on top of her, she was quick and dodged it! We never figured out what was that about! We did know that a kid had died in our neighborhood before we moved there though.

-Alex, Romance Writer

Here to recommend my all-time favourite horror book series – The Ring trilogy by Koji Suzuki! You’ve probably heard of the films before because Sadako climbing out from the TV is an iconic horror film scene. The Ring was actually a Japanese novel that was later translated into English and what I love about it is that it’s actually a sci-fi horror story. The film, which is based on the first book of the trilogy, doesn’t bring in much of the sci-fi aspect, but if you read the second and third books (Loop and Spiral), things become so much weirder and more frightening.

-Amber, YA/NA SFF!

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  1. I wondered if path2pub would be doing a Halloween Special. I loved reading your experience with movies and the creeps! I’ve watched a lot of the popular horror movies like Lucia and Mariana, and have lost touch too. I think it’s also because horror movies aren’t trending right now like they were before.

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  2. Oh my goodness your creepy experiences gave me goosebumps! Especially Demri’s. What? I’m sure I’ve had a creepy experience to share if I think long enough but for now nothing is coming to me 🤔 I recently read Belladonna, although I’m not huge on horror movies. The last I watched was It

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  3. Love the setup and this post is so fun to read! A creepy experience I once had was in a motel I stopped to stay at for the night while traveling. It was virtually in the middle of nowhere. The staff were really weird and creepy. The rooms were hideous. And I had this very disturbing dream of things that went on in that motel. I did NOT sleep until morning when I hopped out of there!


    1. Omg this is super creepy 😂 I can imagine how fast you speared out of there! It has the perfect making of a horror movie


      1. I LOVE this post and the set up!😍 Amber I’ll definitely be checking out that series – sounds intriguing!
        For creepy experiences, one day my daughter came to tell me a bird was speaking to me and was relating the message the bird was apparently giving. It was so creepy because the bird didn’t fly away until she was done 😳😳

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