Weekend Roadside Cafe

The road to publication can be exhausting sometimes. Here’s a roadside cafe serving all things writing/publishing to relieve you: information sodas, entertainment burgers, amusement chips… we’ve got it. It’s alright to take a break; check out the menu!

Special Announcement: Santiago’s Dinosaurios Is Out!

Congratulations to our Contributor Mariana whose debut is out in the world! And it’s featured on the newspaper. Make sure to grab your copy of this wonderful picture book!

Info Burgers 🍔

Photo from Pinterest

Tweet Chips 🍟

Links to tweets from the writing community we hope interest you!

Informative Tweets

Relatable Tweets

Got any awesome writerly links or quotes to share with us? From your blog or another’s? Leave in the comments and we’ll add it next time!

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12 thoughts on “Weekend Roadside Cafe

  1. Happy Book Birthday Mariana! 🎂 Path2pub officially has an author! How wonderful!✨

    The new SFF agent alert is interesting. I queried her when that list came out—I’m sure many people did. Her wishlist is great. But no one has gotten a response since then 🤔 Lovely Cafe though! Full of positivity 🙂


  2. Congrats Mariana!!🎊🎈🍾🎉
    I love that meme, and it’s a great Roadside face. I went through it in one hour🤩


  3. Happy Book Birthday 🍰 Mariana!

    I found this tweet hilarious 😆 and think it’ll be fun for Roadside Cafe:


  4. I think this is one of my favorite Info Burgers so far. Ive gotten more informed on terms and sites I didn’t know to be curious about before. Thank you for putting this together 😊 And Mariana, huge congratulations 🎉 We’ve been waiting for this day for a while. Glad it’s finally here!


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