The Goodreads Choice Awards Voting Window Is Open!

Hi readers! One of the most fun moments in the book world is upon us from now up until the 4th of December.

Vote for your favorite books in the link below! :

And also, what are some of your favorite books on the list? Let us know in the comments!

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18 thoughts on “The Goodreads Choice Awards Voting Window Is Open!

  1. I love when the voting window for GR opens. It’s so exciting to see the winners, but jeez didn’t we JUST vote for 2021?? Where is the year flying to??


  2. Thanks for the reminder, I enjoy voting for Goodreads too. The last time I missed it I felt cheated 😆 So many of the popular books this year are nominated. I’m definitely voting for I’m Glad My Mom Died and Kingdom Of The Feared 🙂


    1. Oh absolutely voting for a fantasy book was tough! Especially when HOSAB is in the mix, then toss in really good reads like Babel and DOTMG and Mistborn! I don’t think the Atlas 6 should be there🤔 Based on popularity, maybe, but based on a great read? Definitely not


      1. I completely agree about the atlas 6 lol. I’m thinking it’s going to be between HOSAB and The Stardust Thief for me. I didn’t enjoy the Bookeaters


  3. I’m one of the fantasy/romance readers fan club hehe. The other votes would just be on guesswork🤭. I’m super excited to see the books that will emerge the winner. Hopefully, Sarah Maas (who I love) fans will allow another fantasy book take the fantasy award this year haha. Each time this year, I think it must be so tough for other authors in her category knowing her fans won’t give any leeway for her to lose. At first she was bagging all the Goodreads awards for YA Fantasy—then she moved to Adult Fantasy and has been bagging all those awards too. She has the very best fans


  4. Wow I really haven’t been keeping up with the book trends. I checked the lists and only about two that I’ve read are on them. I’ll admit I mostly focused on reading older books rather than new releases, but it’s comical to see that I’m basically on another timeline books-wise


    1. Why can I relate so much to this? haha. After seeing the lists of nominees, I went over to my recent post (on my personal blog) of my favorite reads of 2022. And none of those books came out any sooner than 2020. It made voting a bit tough, but I have no regrets with my choice of reads cause they were SO good!


  5. I’m with John Paul on this. I haven’t been keeping up with very recent books, and it really does feel like the year flew by since the last award. Too many books, so little time. I think I might skip on voting this year but keep checking in to see the winners


  6. I have an unpopular opinion! It seems like bodies that (not entirely consciously) market books constantly repeat the same books all year round. Therefore constantly expose readers to the same books and force the other midlist books to lag very far behind.

    Before the Goodreads Choice Awards, many of the books now nominated have been on NYT and Sunday Bestseller lists. They have been nominated for national awards and have big banners in bookshops with interviews in Barnes and Noble etc. They’ve been all we’ve seen day in day out. And then at the end of the year, for readers to vote the ‘best books of the year’ on the world’s largest review site, those books are posed at the very best this year. Of course, people who haven’t read them already will now take them as recommendations if they’re so ‘amazing’ and go and buy them too.

    But they aren’t all ‘amazing’.

    Many of these books have low reviews like Atlas 6—some lower than many midlist books. Goodreads chose these books over thousands because they have large numbers of activity, and those large numbers aren’t driven by quality. But by the marketing of publishing houses urging them to read and stack up the books.

    Take The Gilded Ones for instance. Book 1 was nominated last year because it got major marketing and lots of readers saw it/read it/added it to their read lists. This year, Book 2 wasn’t nominated because readers weren’t too crazy enough about the wildly marketed Book 1’s quality to flock over Book 2. The Book-eaters already has a low review despite just coming out a few months ago, yet because of the popular marketing, it’s on the list. When there are many far more interesting books than it that weren’t nominated.

    So it’s really a popularity contest, not because these books are some of the greatest read and written this year!


    1. Brilliantly said! Honestly, I love Goodreads and there’s no other site like it. But it’s Best Books equals most marketed books, and not the most well-written books! You should write a post on this Zainab lol


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