Path To Publication was an inspiration that came to L.O. Nobi while she was pursuing getting an agent. After encountering many sites that provided great advice but felt a bit impersonal, she’d yearned to learn from other writers/authors’ personal experiences to make the processes feel less solitary. When she reached out to the contributors and they also shared this vision for a warm online resource for writers chasing publication, it became an inspiration that had to be actualized.

Now, we are a group of (awesome) writers embarking on the publication journey, from the querying trenches to the shelves. While tackling this long and often gnarly quest, we’ll be sharing every lesson and tip we learn along the way, on Path2pub. We hail from all parts of the world: Nigeria to Singapore to the US, to India, and South Korea.

Our goal is:

• To guide other writers on their journeys.

• To show writers drafting, querying, or editing, that they aren’t alone in their struggles.

• To create a warm community for writers at all stages of the journey and become a haven at your toughest writerly moments.

• And to prove that anything is possible, including seeing your book on a shelf, if you work hard enough!

The Path2pub team itself is a vibrant merge of querying writers, agented writers, and writers with book deals. We have Adult, YA, and MG writers of Regency, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, and so on, specifically because we hope our readers can find at least one publication journey they can relate with and others they can learn from!