Weekend Roadside Cafe

Today’s Roadside Cafe will be slightly different as we’ll be sharing links to the publication journeys of some of the biggest names in the book world these days. Lucia has a love for following these journeys because they constantly inspire her to keep going on her own path. Hopefully they inspire you too! • LeighContinue reading “Weekend Roadside Cafe”

Publishing Industry Terminologies (Path2pub Special)

The publishing industry is a vast one. That means a whole vocabulary that writers entering the industry have to learn and keep up with. Many of these terms/acronyms we also use on Path2pub. And so for this Path2pub Special, we thought it would be great to make a list of publishing terminologies with their easy-to-understandContinue reading “Publishing Industry Terminologies (Path2pub Special)”

Red Flags in Small Press Publishing Contracts

Today’s guest post is coming from Megan Shunmugam! It delves into the firsthand experience of dealing with a shady small press and is something every writer in the writing community should keep alert of. Take it away, Meg! When I first started the querying process, I queried widely. To agents and small publishers alike. WhenContinue reading “Red Flags in Small Press Publishing Contracts”

ALL ABOUT QUERYING: Strength In Your Queries

February 2022 is going to be a momentous one on Path2pub and you don’t wanna miss it! Why? Well, it’s ALL ABOUT QUERYING. Yes, literally! All through the month, each contributor will be sharing posts with tips, lessons, and of course, tricks, on how to approach the query package. (🥳). Roadside Cafe will include onlyContinue reading “ALL ABOUT QUERYING: Strength In Your Queries”

Weekend Roadside Cafe

Info Burgers 🍔 PitchWars: If you’ve been hearing a lot about PitchWars and wondering why it has writers so excited, check this out! 2022 Publishing Trends: For anyone wondering what the publishing industry would look like this year. Don’t Underestimate The Slushpile: You don’t need referrals to get an agent and Path2pub’s contributor, Lucia, isContinue reading “Weekend Roadside Cafe”

Agent Interview: Sam Copeland

A surefire way to determine an agent is the best fit for your manuscript/writing career is by learning everything you can about them. Such information is great when choosing who to query and deciding who you’d love to work long term with. As a site dedicated to guiding writers through the publication journey, we’ve putContinue reading “Agent Interview: Sam Copeland”

AUPQ: Inspiration For Character Names

We’re kicking off our ASK US PUB QUESTIONS series with the very first reader question from Savanna. Thank you for the kind message attached, and we’re super excited to answer your question! Savanna wants to know: In your current WIPs, what are the names of your major characters and how were you all inspired forContinue reading “AUPQ: Inspiration For Character Names”

Hello Post: Don’t Sign Contracts!

Hello, everyone! Lucia here. I’m so excited to finally have Path2pub up and running. It’s been under construction for some time, and when the ladies of Path2pub showed instant interest in it, I knew it just had to be actualized. To learn more about what we hope to offer at Path2pub, check out our AboutContinue reading “Hello Post: Don’t Sign Contracts!”