Our Writing Processes: Reem Khaleel

My writing process usually begins with the spark of inspiration that turns into an idea. Sometimes it’s in the form of the first scene, the title of the potential novel, the tropes in the plot, or the characters. Sometimes it’s a mix of some of those elements or all of those elements. I’ve written severalContinue reading “Our Writing Processes: Reem Khaleel”

Music Inspired Writing Prompts

My writing is full of music inspired references and quotes. Let’s just say that my future agent better love Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo references. While listening to my latest WIP playlist and being inspired yet again by Taylor Swift’s latest re-recorded single, “This Love,” I thought it would be fun to come up withContinue reading “Music Inspired Writing Prompts”

Finding Comparison Titles

For an author, finding the right comparison titles for a query letter is almost as important as editing the manuscript to perfection. There seem to be a lot of rules thrown around about finding comparison titles and often it can seem impossible to find the right comparison titles for your book. I have been toldContinue reading “Finding Comparison Titles”

Bridgerton Review: A New Season In The Ton!

Dearest Readers! As you well may know, a new Season full of suspense and scandal has concluded in the Ton. Now that this author has had the chance to devour every second of the soirée, brew yourself a cup of your finest blend of tea and settle in for a special edition of Path2Pub whereContinue reading “Bridgerton Review: A New Season In The Ton!”

Overcoming Writer’s Block

I have seen so many writers on Twitter lately only talking about their publishing triumphs and while I’m so very excited for them and all their successes, I can’t help but wonder why all of us aren’t as transparent about our struggles. No matter what stage of the publishing process you might be at, allContinue reading “Overcoming Writer’s Block”

Query Letter Tips & Tricks

I’m beyond excited that my blog post on Query Letter Tips & Tricks marks one month since Path To Publication launched! We are all so happy that our project to help out querying authors has gotten so much love over the past month. And that all of you are finding the content here helpful. ThankContinue reading “Query Letter Tips & Tricks”

Crafting Twitter Pitches

I have had a decent amount of success during Twitter Pitch Parties. What exactly is a Twitter Pitch Party? A Twitter Pitch Party is where authors looking for literary agent or publisher representation for their novels can pitch completed novels in the short form of a tweet. Participating agents and editors can then like yourContinue reading “Crafting Twitter Pitches”