Success and Writing.

It took two full years to write my first book, another year to dive into querying and another year to write three more novels just to query all over again.  That has been roughly about four years, but when did I know I wanted to write and create a story? Since I was in thirdContinue reading “Success and Writing.”

Countries We Write In: Alexandra Garcia

Everything is bigger in Texas. Or so they say! Firstly I’d like to say that I’ll be posting a lot of pictures from Texas and not just from Houston, which is where I’m currently at. The reason is because I feel like I have the best of both worlds (I know this sounds like theContinue reading “Countries We Write In: Alexandra Garcia”

Outlining with Music.

Previously we had a question about how music influences our writing (Ask us questions post) and my answer stands, I love music and I have a playlist for each WIP. But one of the things I have done lately is adding a song below each chapter. I absolutely love hearing the playlists and songs someContinue reading “Outlining with Music.”

Working Full Time & Writing.

Life is busy.  For this post I wanted to talk about what it’s like to work full time and have time to write.  I am not sure if I had mentioned it in one of my older posts, but for my day job I work full time as an engineer for a company. To giveContinue reading “Working Full Time & Writing.”

Keep your head up.

Has anyone given you the advice: keep honing your craft? I have seen this response in a few form query rejection replies. I used to get hurt by seeing these responses because I would automatically think I was not enough, and that was the agent’s professional way of saying ‘you suck’. Dramatic much? Yeah, probably.Continue reading “Keep your head up.”

Our Writing Processes: Alex Garcia

In my first post, I went over a little bit on my writing process and the genres I write and for this post I want to expand a little more. For me it all starts with the character. Sometimes I just listen to a song or a watch a person walk by in the groceryContinue reading “Our Writing Processes: Alex Garcia”

Brighter than the sun

The title of this post might be a little contradictory with what I really want to discuss.  Toxic positivity in the writing community. The reason I chose this topic it’s because I saw some tweets, and it made me realize we don’t talk about this enough. Toxic positivity is seeing only the positive in everythingContinue reading “Brighter than the sun”

Something Inside

There were so many topics I debated for this post, but ultimately I decided to go with Genre, Writing Style and Inspiration for your next books. And before getting into it, I truly believe all three topics come from inside us. They are part of something inside us. As a starting point, I want toContinue reading “Something Inside”

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly… From Feedback

We’ve all been there, even when you think you haven’t. Feedback is ever present in our daily life and the way I call and see it: they are areas of improvement. Sometimes feedback comes unwarranted, but in this post I want to write about the feedback we seek from beta readers. Full disclosure, I haveContinue reading “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly… From Feedback”

Signed, Sealed, Delivered and… Waiting for replies!

Oh, the query trenches, they are painful and a different kind of hell. The most important tip I can give you: Patience is necessary while querying. I’ve queried 2 books, and I am currently on my 3rd book. For the first book, I got 50 rejections. 2nd book 36 rejections. For the 3rd book, IContinue reading “Signed, Sealed, Delivered and… Waiting for replies!”