All I Want For Christmas…

… is snow? To be very honest Christmas in the tropics is not my favourite thing because something feels off about singing Christmas carols while sweating. Every year I wish for a white Christmas (because I love snow) and I know it’ll never happen unless something really wacky happens with the climate or I buyContinue reading “All I Want For Christmas…”

Reflections on the Strange World of Publishing

It’s almost the end of the year! This time last year I had just signed with my agent and So Many things have happened since then. I went on sub, changed my agent, finished editing a second book… Seriously, where did all that time go? Here is a short reflection on some things that I’veContinue reading “Reflections on the Strange World of Publishing”

Countries We Write In: Amber Chen

Here I am to showcase a little (I mean it when I say little) part of Asia! So I’m from Singapore, a small island city in tropical South-east Asia that’s not even bigger than London. I just Googled and found out that the UK, the other country I’ve lived in, is 33,772% larger than SingaporeContinue reading “Countries We Write In: Amber Chen”

Musical Inspirations For Fantasy

If you’ve read my AUPQ response before, you might remember that music is a very big part of my writing process. Songs can stick in my mind for a long time and entire novels can be built off a single lyric or the vibes of a melody. I also like to put together playlists thatContinue reading “Musical Inspirations For Fantasy”

Navigating the Agent-Client Relationship

When you’re in the querying trenches, the goal is clear: Get that agent. But what happens after you have an agent? How are you supposed to work together for the next stage of your publishing career? Big thanks to Lucia for suggesting this topic, because I think it’s an important one and it’s useful toContinue reading “Navigating the Agent-Client Relationship”

Storytelling Like Pixar

What’s your favourite Pixar movie? Because I’m sure almost everyone will have one. As a big fan of Disney’s traditional animation style, I was truly offended when Pixar burst onto the scene and changed the face of animation with Toy Story, but now I am a convert. More than the animation (which is fantastic), whatContinue reading “Storytelling Like Pixar”

Our Writing Processes: Amber Chen (with a side of tea)

If you were expecting publishing tea, look away, because I meant actual tea. I drink copious amounts of tea when writing, and when not writing, so I’ve paired each stage of my writing process with a lovely tea blend from my current TWG tea box 🙂 Growing the Plot Bunnies Paired with Alexandria Tea: “AContinue reading “Our Writing Processes: Amber Chen (with a side of tea)”

What It Means To Be An Asian In Publishing

It’s AAPI Heritage Month in the US, so I figured there’s no better time to discuss what it means for me to be an Asian in publishing. It’s no big secret that BIPOC have been struggling against the biases in the traditionally white western publishing machinery, and while there has been plenty of progress madeContinue reading “What It Means To Be An Asian In Publishing”

An Interview with SJ Whitby!

Ever wonder what self-publishing is like? Are you considering going into self-publishing? Amber speaks with prolific self-published author SJ Whitby to find out more about what inspired their publishing journey (and whether or not we’re going to get more Cute Mutants books)! SJ Whitby (they/them) is an author who’s responsible for the increasingly sprawling CuteContinue reading “An Interview with SJ Whitby!”

What It’s Like To Be On Submissions To Publishers

So Lucia and Amber have advanced from the editing stage with their agents to the *gasps* submissions to editors! 🥳. For any who might wonder, this is the step to publication that comes after: Getting an agent Editing your manuscript with them. Once your agent feels your MS is set, they pitch it to editorsContinue reading “What It’s Like To Be On Submissions To Publishers”