Path2pub December Theme (And An Important Announcement)

Hello Readers! It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year (to many of us). Which means we have to pay homage on Path2pub! First of all, the idea for Path2pub was conceived in December 2021 and its OG Contributors all said yes to the site in December before we launched on January 7th. SoContinue reading “Path2pub December Theme (And An Important Announcement)”

The Goodreads Choice Awards Voting Window Is Open!

Hi readers! One of the most fun moments in the book world is upon us from now up until the 4th of December. Vote for your favorite books in the link below! : And also, what are some of your favorite books on the list? Let us know in the comments!

Upcoming Path2pub Themes

Hello Readers! We’re diving into the Ember Months soon and on Path2pub, we’ll be posting around themes we are very excited about! September On Path2pub is themed: Musically Written! For this theme we Contributors will be regaling you with a variety of posts on our various interpretations of how writing connects with music for us!Continue reading “Upcoming Path2pub Themes”

My 2nd Book is Getting Published!

Today I’m happy to share the news that my 2nd picture book is getting published! The announcement was officially made last Thursday on Publisher’s Weekly and on Friday I got to share about it on my social media. It made my day to read all the wonderful and encouraging messages that were left on myContinue reading “My 2nd Book is Getting Published!”

Cover Reveal: Presenting your book to the world

February 25th was a special day for me, since I got to celebrate the cover reveal for my debut book Santiago’s Dinosaurios which will be released by Albert Whitman & Co. on October 1st, 2022. The process of creating the cover was the job of the illustrator, Ms. Udayana Lugo, and the design team atContinue reading “Cover Reveal: Presenting your book to the world”

Path2pub Is Seeking New Contributors!

Note: This call is officially closed. It’s remarkable how many applications we got just hours after posting! We appreciate you. Hello Everyone! Path2pub is looking for more Contributors who would like to share their path to publication stories, lessons, tips, and tricks with our readers via blog posts. Therefore, also assisting other writers on theirContinue reading “Path2pub Is Seeking New Contributors!”

AUPQ: How Do You Get Out Of A Writing Rut?

Before we get into today’s answers, we’re still starry eyed about Mariana’s book cover for Santiago’s Dinosaurios and will be sharing what we love about it! Sarah: I absolutely love how it conveys the message of the book without using words. It just makes me smile! (Congrats, Mariana!) Lucia: I love how colorful and adorableContinue reading “AUPQ: How Do You Get Out Of A Writing Rut?”

Mood Board Contest & First Pages Critiques

Hello Everyone! So February’s All About Querying was (and is still!) awesome. Thanks to everyone who helped make it so! And now, we bring you March’s theme and special goodies. March Madness: Mood Board Contest! First of all, we’ll be hosting Path2pub’s FIRST CONTEST for March Madness! This will include Mood Boards, frantic voting, andContinue reading “Mood Board Contest & First Pages Critiques”

ALL ABOUT QUERYING: Strength In Your Queries

February 2022 is going to be a momentous one on Path2pub and you don’t wanna miss it! Why? Well, it’s ALL ABOUT QUERYING. Yes, literally! All through the month, each contributor will be sharing posts with tips, lessons, and of course, tricks, on how to approach the query package. (🥳). Roadside Cafe will include onlyContinue reading “ALL ABOUT QUERYING: Strength In Your Queries”


Announcing the winners for our very first Path2pub Giveaway! First of all, thanks to everyone who contested for the giveaway! You’re amazing and we’re so happy to have you on Path2pub with us. We wish everyone could get a price and while it’s not possible yet, watch this space. There’ll be more giveaways going forward!Continue reading “GIVEAWAY Winners”