AUPQ: How To Get Immersed In The Writing Community

Today’s Ask Us Pub Questions question is from Coral: Hi I would like to know about making friends in the writing community? I’ve checked your twitters and you ladies seem to be well entrenched in the community with friends and CPs etc. How does a new writer in the community get to that level? HiContinue reading “AUPQ: How To Get Immersed In The Writing Community”

AUPQ: Writers, What Are You Thankful For?

Sarah Connor wants to know: With fall coming soon, and therefore thanksgiving, I imagined my question would fall around that time of the year and wanted to know: What are you ladies thankful for? And I started following Path2pub since it’s conception and it’s grown very much since then so I also would like toContinue reading “AUPQ: Writers, What Are You Thankful For?”

AUPQ: Easiest And Difficult Genre To Write

It’s the last post of October! We’re so glad you readers enjoyed our Countries We Write In posts as much as we did making them. Hope to see you all in November! Today Vanessa wants to know: What is the most difficult genre for you to write? And which is the easiest one for youContinue reading “AUPQ: Easiest And Difficult Genre To Write”

AUPQ: How To Write Immersive Settings

Hello Readers. In today’s group post, we are happy to introduce to you our newest Contributor, who is a horror writer! Enjoy! For today’s Ask Us Pub Questions, Vicky Ross wants to know: I’ve noticed that I like being immersed in settings when readings books, but I don’t think I’ve succeeded in writing immersive settingsContinue reading “AUPQ: How To Write Immersive Settings”

AUPQ: 5 Fun Facts About Path2pub?

For today’s Ask Us Pub Questions, Lena Stace wants to know: What are 5 fun facts about Path2pub? To answer this super fun question—which seems perfectly fitting for the final day of the month—we’ll list one fun fact about Path2pub each! Fact #1: This is such a unique question! I would have to say thatContinue reading “AUPQ: 5 Fun Facts About Path2pub?”

AUPQ: Strengths And Weaknesses As Writers

Hello everyone, a reminder that next month’s theme is Countries We Write In and we want to see your city and day to day writing life, so share your photos with us! Today, Zainab wants to know: What would you say are your strongest and weakest points in writing?? Is it world building? Character? Plot?ThankContinue reading “AUPQ: Strengths And Weaknesses As Writers”

AUPQ: How Not To Panic When Authors Have Your Ideas

Hello, Readers! Our Ask Us Pub Questions page is growing again so we want to say thank you for trusting us with your questions and we look forward to answering them! Also ICYMI, our website themes for this month and next are here. Come participate with us. Today, Kemaya wants to know: How do youContinue reading “AUPQ: How Not To Panic When Authors Have Your Ideas”

AUPQ: What Established Author Would You Like A Chat With?

If you have questions you would like us to answer on publishing topics, simply leave a comment on our AUPQ page and we’ll get to it! Also, tomorrow is a Path2pub Special we can’t wait to share with you. Stay tuned! Today, Garlow wants to know: If you could have a two hour chat withContinue reading “AUPQ: What Established Author Would You Like A Chat With?”

AUPQ: Can Writers Contest Agent Rejection?

Hello everyone! On today’s post, joining us in answer is our newest contributor on the team! We’re excited for you to meet her. You can visit the Contributors Bio for more info and keep an eye out for her introductory post this month. Now from a previous Roadside Cafe, Erica asked a question in theContinue reading “AUPQ: Can Writers Contest Agent Rejection?”

AUPQ: How Do You Balance The Use Of Twitter?

Quick Note: Yes, the Path2pub website has had a bit of a makeover to make the site more accessible to you readers. If you have any suggestions or have any issues with the update, please let us know! Today’s AUPQ, Erica_V wants to know: Twitter is a really tricky place in the writing scene becauseContinue reading “AUPQ: How Do You Balance The Use Of Twitter?”