Looking For an Alpha/Beta Reader?

Hello Path2Pub readers!  You may recognize me from the Countries We Write In series here on the blog. I shared snippets of my life and writing journey in South Korea.  Now I’m back with a little bit of a different post. Today, I want to share my business with you. I have recently ventured intoContinue reading “Looking For an Alpha/Beta Reader?”

AUPQ: When Is A Manuscript Query-Ready?

Hello everyone! It’s been a good minute since the last Ask Us Pub Questions, hasn’t it? We’ve missed sharing our collective two cents too! During the next AUPQ, our new Path2pub Contributors will be making an appearance before their introduction posts! We’re excited for you to meet them. Today, Megan wants to know: How manyContinue reading “AUPQ: When Is A Manuscript Query-Ready?”