The Path To Publication: A Lane To Follow

Post by L.O. Nobi While I’ve been pursuing publication for over a year now, I only threw myself fully into the community around October last year. But in that time, I’ve picked up some key lessons here and there that has made walking this tricky path much smoother. Hopefully, as you read, you’ll also findContinue reading “The Path To Publication: A Lane To Follow”

Countries We Write In: L.O. Nobi

I live in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nigeria, in West Africa. Today, I’ll be taking you on a photo tour of my city where I write. Now, there’s this misconception from the western world (US & Europe) that Africa is this archaic place of bushes and starvation. Or that Africa is one country whereContinue reading “Countries We Write In: L.O. Nobi”

Uplifting Music For The Saddened Writing Heart

Welcome everyone to September on Path2pub themed around MUSIC! Please have your seats, the band will go live any second now. Considering I’d come up with this theme, ‘Musically Written’ it was funny that I had found myself wondering what I could possibly write about music—that also concerned writing, as the two don’t exactly meldContinue reading “Uplifting Music For The Saddened Writing Heart”

A Field Of Mines: Publishing Twitter

First of all, I want to start by saying I’m so glad I’ve gotten my blogging mojo back! I hit a serious iceberg on my publishing journey and my creativity ship sank, making me struggle with blogging about this path. Feeling eager now to write this post, made me realize my ship is gradually settingContinue reading “A Field Of Mines: Publishing Twitter”

Prologues: To Include Or Not

Last month, I saw a Twitter Interaction about adding prologues when sending out query sample pages. A writer wanted to know if agents were open to prologues or not. The answering tweet was from a writer who felt prologues are entirely pointless and that books do not need them, therefore they shouldn’t be added toContinue reading “Prologues: To Include Or Not”

Our Writing Processes: L.O. Nobi

Writing. Writing. Writing. That activity that really makes one a writer. Not the conception of an idea. Not fantasies of the plot unfolding. But the actual process of marking symbols on a surface to express a plot line. Happy New Month. Today, friends, I’ll be kicking off this month’s exciting theme by sharing HOW IContinue reading “Our Writing Processes: L.O. Nobi”

Full Manuscript Request: Packaging. Packaging. Packaging.

One of the most exciting emails a writer can get is a manuscript request! Whoop! It doesn’t matter if it’s a partial manuscript request (the first fifty pages), or a full manuscript request (*screams*). Once you get that email from an agent that starts off reading like a rejection but ends with a sentence of howContinue reading “Full Manuscript Request: Packaging. Packaging. Packaging.”

What It’s Like To Be On Submissions To Publishers

So Lucia and Amber have advanced from the editing stage with their agents to the *gasps* submissions to editors! 🥳. For any who might wonder, this is the step to publication that comes after: Getting an agent Editing your manuscript with them. Once your agent feels your MS is set, they pitch it to editorsContinue reading “What It’s Like To Be On Submissions To Publishers”