AUPQ: Writers, What Are You Thankful For?

Sarah Connor wants to know: With fall coming soon, and therefore thanksgiving, I imagined my question would fall around that time of the year and wanted to know: What are you ladies thankful for? And I started following Path2pub since it’s conception and it’s grown very much since then so I also would like toContinue reading “AUPQ: Writers, What Are You Thankful For?”

Halloween Special: The Scariest Media We’ve Consumed!

I used to be big on horror movies years ago. I liked the screaming and jump scares and racing heart experience of it, but over the years I lost touch with them. And while we don’t celebrate Halloween over here, yesterday my siblings and I decided to have a horror movie night. We chose TheContinue reading “Halloween Special: The Scariest Media We’ve Consumed!”

Countries We Write In: Mariana Ríos

As you may know, I’m Mexican but for the last 6 years I’ve been living in Anderson, South Carolina, USA and I love it. Anderson is a small southern town located two hours from Atlanta, Georgia. This town has been like a piece of heaven for me, with all the green, the wild animals, andContinue reading “Countries We Write In: Mariana Ríos”

Countries We Write In: Madeline Ronneberg

My name is Madeline, and I live in the rainy state of Washington, which is in the US! Washington has many lush green forests and mountains, making it home to fantastic hiking trails and camping grounds. Right now in WA is starting to make the change to fall slowly but surely. Fall starts at theContinue reading “Countries We Write In: Madeline Ronneberg”

Countries We Write In: Wyeth Doty

Hello, my name is Wyeth Doty and I am an aspiring thriller/horror writer. I am currently working on my first ever book to be published, so I spend the majority of my free time writing. I currently live in Seoul, South Korea. This city is gorgeous and full of life and inspiration for my writing.Continue reading “Countries We Write In: Wyeth Doty”

AUPQ: 5 Fun Facts About Path2pub?

For today’s Ask Us Pub Questions, Lena Stace wants to know: What are 5 fun facts about Path2pub? To answer this super fun question—which seems perfectly fitting for the final day of the month—we’ll list one fun fact about Path2pub each! Fact #1: This is such a unique question! I would have to say thatContinue reading “AUPQ: 5 Fun Facts About Path2pub?”

Us And Our MCs: A Ten But…

Welcome to another Path2pub Special! Following the hilarious twitter trend, we decided to make a bit of fun of our MCs in our manuscripts and WIPS. They’re A Ten BUT!! We look forward to seeing your takes in the comments! From my current manuscript: A Dyad Of Brass – He’s a ten, but he stealsContinue reading “Us And Our MCs: A Ten But…”

Book Review: I’m Glad My Mom Died by Jennette McCurdy

This book by Jennette—popularly known as Sam from iCarly—has stirred A LOT of conversation in the past few weeks, and I mean look at that title! That alone is enough to get anyone talking. Honestly, the title terrifies me to type or say aloud cause I love my mom and like I want her toContinue reading “Book Review: I’m Glad My Mom Died by Jennette McCurdy”

Path2pub Debate: On Research For Writing Retellings

Welcome to the third Path2pub debate of the year! Today, we’ll be debating our stances on: Must writers read/watch the main source of a story before putting their twists on it in form of a retelling? Or should writers write retellings based on a general knowledge of the main material? Look at us being controversial!Continue reading “Path2pub Debate: On Research For Writing Retellings”

Bridgerton Review: A New Season In The Ton!

Dearest Readers! As you well may know, a new Season full of suspense and scandal has concluded in the Ton. Now that this author has had the chance to devour every second of the soirée, brew yourself a cup of your finest blend of tea and settle in for a special edition of Path2Pub whereContinue reading “Bridgerton Review: A New Season In The Ton!”