Contributor Bios

L.O. Nobi

Lucia grew up with a knack for imagining outrageous events and convincing others to play pretend with her. Often, playing pretend involved messing up the entire house. So when she finally channeled her overactive imagination into writing, which involved sitting in one place and scribbling into one book, her parents were very much relieved.

Between 2020 – 2021 she wrote the YA fantasy series of her heart and started querying it. Through the experience of writing the trilogy and querying, she learned so much about both processes. Since then, she has written two more novels, a Regency and a Fantasy, and is currently working on the first book of another fantasy series. Her stories explore themes centering on challenges West African youths face, clever heroines, and vibrant worlds. She also adores writing hearty banter and wordplay.

When she’s not writing, she’s watching E! Entertainment or Food Network, singing at the top of her lungs to Disney animation soundtracks, or reading about hot highlanders. You can find her here: Blog | Twitter | Instagram

Amber Chen

Amber is a YA/NA author hailing from the steaming shores of Singapore and writes in the genres of SFF, historical and contemporary. She first started writing for theatre, before moving into screenwriting because there were just too many dramas with endings that she didn’t like, so what better way to correct that than to take storytelling into her own hands? She later progressed to writing novels and posting them on Wattpad so that she could share her stories with a wider audience, and is now pursuing traditional publishing. In her free time she consumes copious amounts of K/C-dramas and music, and also drinks one too many cups of bubble tea.

Amber is also a PitchWars ’20 alum and a Wattpad Star. One of her Wattpad novels, The Cutting Edge, has recently been adapted for television and is streaming on meWATCH! She is represented by Meg Davis at The Ki Agency, and will be going on submission in 2022. You can find her lurking at the following places: Website | Twitter | Wattpad | Instagram

Alexandra Garcia

Alexandra Garcia is an aspiring YA/NA Fantasy, Contemporary and Paranormal Romance author.

She is currently writing her 3rd WIP (Work in Progress) and just like all her novels she is a constant work in progress. She fell in love with C.S Lewis books when she was a kid and that inspired her to start writing and creating her own stories. During her teenage years, almost as a right of passage she started writing fan fiction for Twilight, because she was Team Edward all the way. She eventually put her Twilight addiction to rest and discovered other books to obsess with and continued to write more fan fiction (Hunger Games- Team Peeta. Divergent- Team Four).

You can read more about her inspiration in her first blog post: What got me into writing.

She currently lives in Texas with her husband and 2 pups: Jett, a schnauzer that believes he is as small as a Chihuahua and is always craving attention and Maggie a little vicious yorkie who believes she is as big as a great dane. During the day she works as an electrical engineer and at night she spends her time writing/reading (No particular order) and rewatching old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy.
You can find her here:
Twitter | Instagram | Website

Mariana Ríos

Mariana Ríos is a Mexican picture book author who loves writing stories about diversity, friendship, hope and kindness.

Her love for writing started while she was in elementary school, specifically with her diaries. Years later, she moved on to writing letters for her college boyfriend (now husband), which now they’ve organized in an album.

Mariana discovered her passion for writing children’s books after reading many stories to her kids during their pre-K and Kindergarten years. Since 2018 she began learning about picture book craft and eventually she moved on to querying. She’s now represented by Natascha Morris of The Tobias Literary Agency. Mariana’s debut book, Santiago’s Dinosaurios, will be published by Albert Whitman in October 2022.

Mariana currently lives in Anderson, SC with her husband, two children and a Chihuahua mix dog named Rogers.

Besides writing, Mariana enjoys photography, watching k-dramas, and Chai Lattes. She also loves singing, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.

You can connect with Mariana here: Twitter / Instagram / Website

Briana Michelle Meyer

Briana is a proud Wisconsinite who spent six years living and working in South Korea as an English teacher. She enjoys writing pretty much anything, especially when the idea comes to her.

Briana started writing at age 8 (it was an assignment about the Easter bunny at school), and found her love for words shortly after that. She grew up reading Dickens, Lewis, and Tolkien. Her middle school English teacher gave her the definition of literature and it has stayed with her ever since.

The idea for the novel she has been querying came from Tom Daley’s speech at the Tokyo Olympic Games after he won his first gold medal. Something he said stuck with her and she knew instantly she had a book to write.

Briana has a strong love for period dramas, history, the Romantic and Victorian eras, and pop culture. While living in South Korea, she was very active in the Korean fandom for a few kpop groups (mainly NCT). When she isn’t yelling to her friends about her current WIP, Briana likes to watch movies and TV, figure out what is going on in the world, yell about Dr. Spencer Reid, MCU theories, and rewatch things from the past.

You can follow her thoughts here: Twitter/ Instagram

Demri Redmon

Demri was writing and reading books before she could walk. Having created extravagant make believe worlds with every toy handed to her, she finally realized she wanted to be a writer at age 13. Her first official book was a time traveling series that she has now rewritten three times. She also wrote a paranormal romance series throughout her early college years, but it wasn’t until 2022 that she finally found her voice in YA/NA horror, specifically gothic horror. Who doesn’t want to be an extravagantly dressed, young heroine running through haunted mansions with a candelabra and ghosts on her trail?

She is currently querying her YA gothic horror novel, The Tale of Annalise, as an Edgar Allan Poe retelling. She is writing the second book in that series while also writing an adult paranormal thriller full of witches and ghosts. As a disabled writer, she hopes to offer more disabled representation in the literary world. While she isn’t writing, she works remotely for South Korea as an ESL tutor for Korean professionals. She is also working toward a MA in history. In her free time, she enjoys traveling the world and reading books. Additionally, she enjoys spending time on Twitter in the #writingcommunity, encouraging fellow writers and finding new writer friends.  

You can check out her spooky worlds here: Twitter/Instagram

Contributors On Indefinite Hiatus

Sarah Ainslee 

Sarah knew she was a writer the day she sat in the middle of an acting class just outside Hollywood and realized she liked coming up with characters more than she did playing them. What followed in her teenage years were endless spiral-bound notebooks filled with angsty teenagers, hopeless love stories, and message boards filled with way too much One Tree Hillfanfiction.

Still a sucker for angsty (yet hopeful) teens and happily-ever-afters, she’s an aspiring YA author who has been to the depths of the querying trenches, eager to share what she’s learned and help other aspiring authors avoid some of her mistakes.

When she’s not writing, you can find her coffee shop hopping, running, overthinking, or posting every single one of her in-depth thoughts on the Marvel Cinematic Universe over on her Instagram.

Reem Khaleel

Reem is a young adult contemporary/romantic comedy author, who loves writing heartfelt stories filled with love and friendship. She is a 2021 graduate from the Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing at The New School.

Reem found her love for writing for young adults after being inspired by the authors she grew up reading. She knew she was meant to write similar stories to those she loved because she always spent her time daydreaming about what her life would be like if she was in a teen romantic comedy or tv show. She entered the querying trenches for the first time in 2020 and is now querying her third book, while working on her fourth. When she’s not writing or blogging about her querying journey, she’s busy binge-watching all the Disney+ and Netflix that she possibly can and reading every romance and young adult book she can get her hands on, surrounding herself with fictional worlds.

Reem is from Maldives, and has lived in various corners of the world, including New York, Tokyo, California, and Kuala Lumpur throughout her life.

You can connect with Reem here:

Twitter | Instagram | Website