Why Those First Sentences/Paragraphs Matter

You know, I never thought the first sentence or paragraph of a manuscript mattered until I started querying. I mean whenever I opened a book with a gripping first line, I definitely thought ‘whoa that’s top tier stuff’. But I didn’t think it was necessary in every book because let’s be honest, not every published book out there has bomb first lines and yet a good amount of them are still amazing.

Strength In Your Queries: Destitutes And Fiends

It’s the last day of ALL ABOUT QUERYING month and we’ll be wrapping it up with one final query letter analysis and experience. Destitutes and Fiends spent all of 4/5 days in the query trenches before it started getting full requests. About two weeks later, I had offers of representation and an agent, and threeContinue reading “Strength In Your Queries: Destitutes And Fiends”