AUPQ: 5 Fun Facts About Path2pub?

For today’s Ask Us Pub Questions, Lena Stace wants to know: What are 5 fun facts about Path2pub? To answer this super fun question—which seems perfectly fitting for the final day of the month—we’ll list one fun fact about Path2pub each! Fact #1: This is such a unique question! I would have to say thatContinue reading “AUPQ: 5 Fun Facts About Path2pub?”

Us And Our MCs: A Ten But…

Welcome to another Path2pub Special! Following the hilarious twitter trend, we decided to make a bit of fun of our MCs in our manuscripts and WIPS. They’re A Ten BUT!! We look forward to seeing your takes in the comments! From my current manuscript: A Dyad Of Brass – He’s a ten, but he stealsContinue reading “Us And Our MCs: A Ten But…”

Valentines Day Special: Romance Tropes

Happy Valentines Day from the Path2pub ladies to you, dear readers! We hope you’re enjoying some wine and chocolate—or at least chilling with a steamy romance novel. In honor of this day of luvv, we’ve decided to share our favorite and least favorite romance tropes. 💕 💕Favorite Trope: Friends-to-lovers I know, I know—it sounds vanilla.Continue reading “Valentines Day Special: Romance Tropes”