AUPQ: 5 Fun Facts About Path2pub?

For today’s Ask Us Pub Questions, Lena Stace wants to know: What are 5 fun facts about Path2pub? To answer this super fun question—which seems perfectly fitting for the final day of the month—we’ll list one fun fact about Path2pub each! Fact #1: This is such a unique question! I would have to say thatContinue reading “AUPQ: 5 Fun Facts About Path2pub?”

Us And Our MCs: A Ten But…

Welcome to another Path2pub Special! Following the hilarious twitter trend, we decided to make a bit of fun of our MCs in our manuscripts and WIPS. They’re A Ten BUT!! We look forward to seeing your takes in the comments! From my current manuscript: A Dyad Of Brass – He’s a ten, but he stealsContinue reading “Us And Our MCs: A Ten But…”

Path2pub Debate: On Research For Writing Retellings

Welcome to the third Path2pub debate of the year! Today, we’ll be debating our stances on: Must writers read/watch the main source of a story before putting their twists on it in form of a retelling? Or should writers write retellings based on a general knowledge of the main material? Look at us being controversial!Continue reading “Path2pub Debate: On Research For Writing Retellings”

AUPQ: How Do You Plan Writing Breaks?

Today, Forley wants to know: What are your views on writing breaks while working on a book? How often do you take them? How long before you start to lose touch with the story? Hmm, this is a tricky question for me. For as long as I can remember writing, I haven’t taken real breaksContinue reading “AUPQ: How Do You Plan Writing Breaks?”

AUPQ: Do You Think Publishing Is Dying?

On today’s Ask Us Pub Questions, Sarah wants to know: With all that has been going on in the book world —editors leaving or talking about burnouts, poor pay and work environment, do you think publishing is dying? This is a very interesting question, Sarah! On one of our Roadside Cafe’s is a link toContinue reading “AUPQ: Do You Think Publishing Is Dying?”

AUPQ: Favorite Book To Movies Adaptations

Good day wonderful readers! Checking the ASK US PUB QUESTIONS page, it turns out we’ve answered almost all your awesome questions. So for our newer subscribers, if you have any questions about publishing you’d like us to answer as a team, drop one for us on the link! Also, don’t miss the chance to haveContinue reading “AUPQ: Favorite Book To Movies Adaptations”

Mother’s Day Special: Favorite Fictional Mother Figures

Happy (belated) Mother’s Day from the Path2pub ladies to every mother (and everyone who mothers) out there! You’re amazing and appreciated. In honor of this special day, we’ll be sharing our favorite mother figures in fiction, both in exterior works and in ours! How cool that we wrote this post right on the Oscars 2022Continue reading “Mother’s Day Special: Favorite Fictional Mother Figures”

Path2pub Debate: Of Reviews For Teen Books

This was a pretty consistent and hot topic on Twitter and so, of course, we decided to share our two cents over here. Ladies, gents, panel of judges, we hope we manage to convince you and not confuse you in our battle to the death debate! Topic: Is it right for books for teens toContinue reading “Path2pub Debate: Of Reviews For Teen Books”

AUPQ: How Do You Deal With Writerly Envy?

Before we get to our answers, the First Pages Critique/Mood Board Contest for March submission windows are still open! Check them out and send us your First Pages and mood boards! Today’s Ask Us Pub Questions is from Zainab. Zainab says: My question has to do with writerly envy. How to keep being happy forContinue reading “AUPQ: How Do You Deal With Writerly Envy?”