Why Those First Sentences/Paragraphs Matter

You know, I never thought the first sentence or paragraph of a manuscript mattered until I started querying. I mean whenever I opened a book with a gripping first line, I definitely thought ‘whoa that’s top tier stuff’. But I didn’t think it was necessary in every book because let’s be honest, not every published book out there has bomb first lines and yet a good amount of them are still amazing.

Packaging The Query

Welcome to ALL ABOUT QUERYING! Also… happy 2/2/22! So we’ll be doing a series about QUERYING this month because ultimately, that’s the foundation upon which Path2pub was built. Over the next few weeks, each contributor will share a post about the querying steps (also known as: how to get a literary agent) and agent interviewsContinue reading “Packaging The Query”

Hello Post: Don’t Sign Contracts!

Hello, everyone! Lucia here. I’m so excited to finally have Path2pub up and running. It’s been under construction for some time, and when the ladies of Path2pub showed instant interest in it, I knew it just had to be actualized. To learn more about what we hope to offer at Path2pub, check out our AboutContinue reading “Hello Post: Don’t Sign Contracts!”