What It’s Like To Be On Submissions To Publishers

So Lucia and Amber have advanced from the editing stage with their agents to the *gasps* submissions to editors! 🥳. For any who might wonder, this is the step to publication that comes after: Getting an agent Editing your manuscript with them. Once your agent feels your MS is set, they pitch it to editorsContinue reading “What It’s Like To Be On Submissions To Publishers”

Publishing Industry Terminologies (Path2pub Special)

The publishing industry is a vast one. That means a whole vocabulary that writers entering the industry have to learn and keep up with. Many of these terms/acronyms we also use on Path2pub. And so for this Path2pub Special, we thought it would be great to make a list of publishing terminologies with their easy-to-understandContinue reading “Publishing Industry Terminologies (Path2pub Special)”