March Madness: Announcing The Moodboard Winner!

Once again, thank you to everyone who voted, submitted their Moodboards, and made Path2pub’s March Madness fun! Here is the Moodboards Display Post where it all began and the Voting Post where you chose the winner! And now, for the announcement we’ve all been waiting weeks for, the winner of the Moodboard Contest is… Marilyn!Continue reading “March Madness: Announcing The Moodboard Winner!”

March Madness: Moodboard Voting Begins Now

Hello, everyone and welcome to MARCH MADNESS on Path2pub! We appreciate everyone who sent us their Moodboards. We loved them. After an In-House Vote where each of us elected five of our favorite moodboards… here are the 5 Moodboard Finalists in the running. What To Do: Simply leave a comment with the number of theContinue reading “March Madness: Moodboard Voting Begins Now”

March Madness: Contestants Moodboards Display

Hello. Hello. Thanks to everyone who sent in their mood boards for Path2pub’s March Madness! We’re so excited to share them. In case you missed the last post, here is how the contest will proceed. For the first round, we’ll do an in-house voting, and vote for the mood boards that make it on toContinue reading “March Madness: Contestants Moodboards Display”

Mood Board Contest & First Pages Critiques

Hello Everyone! So February’s All About Querying was (and is still!) awesome. Thanks to everyone who helped make it so! And now, we bring you March’s theme and special goodies. March Madness: Mood Board Contest! First of all, we’ll be hosting Path2pub’s FIRST CONTEST for March Madness! This will include Mood Boards, frantic voting, andContinue reading “Mood Board Contest & First Pages Critiques”