Musically Spoken

Music has always been part of my life. I’ve always loved playing piano and singing. During my college years I used to participate in a student group that put on cover concerts at school. It was so much fun, those are definitely some of my dearest memories from those happy years. Afterwards, I had theContinue reading “Musically Spoken”

Uplifting Music For The Saddened Writing Heart

Welcome everyone to September on Path2pub themed around MUSIC! Please have your seats, the band will go live any second now. Considering I’d come up with this theme, ‘Musically Written’ it was funny that I had found myself wondering what I could possibly write about music—that also concerned writing, as the two don’t exactly meldContinue reading “Uplifting Music For The Saddened Writing Heart”

Music Inspired Writing Prompts

My writing is full of music inspired references and quotes. Let’s just say that my future agent better love Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo references. While listening to my latest WIP playlist and being inspired yet again by Taylor Swift’s latest re-recorded single, “This Love,” I thought it would be fun to come up withContinue reading “Music Inspired Writing Prompts”